Yeti Coolers Stainless Steel Rambler Lowball review

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If you’re like me, you probably enjoy piping hot coffee or frigid cold cocktails. However, not all tumblers do the job equally well. Yeti coolers are known to keep cold drinks cold two times longer than other tumblers thanks to their specially-treated stainless steel rambler lowball. And it can do magic to hot drinks as well.

Yeti is a popular brand known for manufacturing coolers for active people. Yeti stainless steel rambler lowball is designed with 18/8 and features double walls to regulate the temperature of external and internal side. The main purpose of this lowball is to keep your fingers dry. If you have a Rambler 20 oz. Tumber lid (you can buy it separately), then you can drink your favorite beverages on the go.

According to the Roy Seiders, YETI CEO, the company will expand their Rambler series due to its huge popularity. The brand wants to meet the demand of the market and we can see more versions of the Lowball in the future. The Lowball is proven to keep the low temperature of your drinks, but its ability to maintain high temperature shows versatility of the cooler. The company says this dual functionality is what makes the Lowball special and I totally agree.

The plastic is BPA-free and the lid securely fits on top and keeps the liquid from pouring out on you. Unlike many other tumblers, stainless steel doesn’t give the liquid a metallic taste. The Lowball is dishwasher-safe. As a little bonus, the device doesn’t retain the odors of previous beverages. It easy to clean and comes at a good price compared to many other tumblers in the market.

Rambler Colster

One of the most interesting features of the cooler is the Rambler Coaster. It comes with double insulated walls made of stainless steel that have a lock technology to keep your beverages chilled on a hot day. It’s also sweat proof and keeps liquid inside. This is a must thing for people with an active lifestyle who spend a lot of time outside or loves to keep their drinks as cold as possible. It’s quite pricey though, even though the quality and performance justify the price tag.

Replacement lid

Yeti stainless steel rambler lowball is quite durable so many people never need to replace the lid or other parts. However, you might lose the lid of your tumbler and it’s good to know that you can always buy a new one of the same quality as your first one. It securely fits the Yeti rambles and makes sure nothing leaks.

However, you should be extra careful when you wash the lid because it’s less durable than the metallic body. It is soft and can be etched if you apply too much force. I don’t recommend putting the lid in a dishwasher. It’s better to hand wash it with a soft sponge or scrubber. If you’re careful, the lid will serve you for many years.

Liquid Test

For the test, I prepared coffee and poured a steaming cup. According to the manufacturer, when the lid is on, the coffee should be warm for at least 6 hours at a room temperature. This is quite longer than my other mugs.

Additionally, I added ice in my cocktail and poured in the tumbler and it stayed cool for 8 hours straight. As far as I know, the Rambler can keep the beverage cold for 12 hours or more, sealing out temperatures beyond the inner layer.

Of course, it’s not a replacement for a big thermos-like bottle. The lid fits perfectly on top and keeps the liquid from spillages, but you can’t through it in your backpack or tip it over without spilling. Just keep in mind that it’s a mug.

The 18/8 stainless steel gives no metallic taste to the beverages and it’s really easy to clean, as you can place the cup in a dishwasher. Moreover, there is no residual taste of coffee and other smelly beverages when you move between different liquid styles. The plastic cap can retain some odors though, so you should wash it regularly.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I can say that the manufacturer keeps its promise. At a moderate price, the Yeti stainless steel rambler lowball outperforms its competitors.


  • Durability. The Lowball is designed to survive the test of time. This is what you can expect from Yeti products.
  • Insulation. Fill it with cold or hot beverages, your fingers won’t feel the inner temperatures and your drink will stay at its original temperature.
  • Size. The size of the cup is just enough for a few shots of coffee or whiskey on the go.


  • The lid could fit better. If you want to get your coffee and put it in your backpack, consider a thermos instead.

Yeti stainless steel rambler lowball is a great combination of design and functionality. After testing it for a couple of weeks, I can say it’s an absolute winner in keeping my drinks at the right temperature for over 8 hours. It’s designed to stay with you all day long and become your best drinking companion. It’s made of durable material with dual insulation to keep the inside hot or cold while maintaining the comfortable temperature of the outer layer.

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