Wooden Kitchen Spoons: Fullest Review

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The wooden spoons are preferred by a customer for a lot of reasons. They are natural and do not contain harmful compounds, which could be leached into the food. And that is almost the main characteristic considering by the most users. But there are a lot of other essential moments being able to turn even those people who struggle to choose a wooden utensil into its admirers. The advantages are so obvious that you will follow them without doubt after reading this review.

How Should You Choose It?

When you start looking for spoons, first of all you think about the number of tools, which you need for your kitchen. What do you usually do with a spoon? It is used for stirring and scooping. Indeed, there are almost no restrictions. It sounds so simple but still there are particular circumstances, which require the particular tool. Before making a decision you should consider a lot of factors.

Design is determined by the physical actions that is why it is important to decide what kind of a spoon you need. If we speak about ergonomic properties, they should meet your understanding of optimal interactions of the kitchenware with your hands. Here the shape of a handle does matter – it must be convenient for grasping and holding. The bowel allows a spoon to perform its functions to the full extent. When it is too deep, it is hardly good for stirring but perfect for scooping.

Take all the above details into consideration. And do not forget about the material it is made of. If you prefer the cooking methods, which include physical forces, you should care of tension and bending strength of a spoon. You know, that a plastic utensil can bound or even break under pressure, the metal one is reliable but it does not suit the non-stick surfaces. While the wooden tools are perfect.

Though, an eating spoon is rarely made of wood, still you can find it and enjoy meal from wooden tool. Pay attention to ability of a tool to pick up food. In addition, remember that a handle should be convenient to deliver that meal to the mouth. The surface should be very smooth in order not to hurt lips, when interacting with them.

But more often wooden spoons are used for cooking. Here the defects and unevenness of edge of a bowl are not so important but it is better to avoid them because only a soft spoon without sharp edges can be applied safely with non-stick pans.

There are a lot of other issues, which are needed to be taken into consideration like weight, size, sturdiness, price, and easy maintenance. The producers tell more of them.

Advantage of Wooden Spoons

It is clear that when we speak about natural material like wood, we automatically mention the environmental issues, but this resource is renewable that is why the concerns are not so vital. There are forest sectors, which are incubated for the cutting down. Thanks to such incubators we can benefit from the wooden spoons a lot due to the following:

  • Wood looks authentic and stylish.
  • The utensils made of this material are strong that is why they can tolerate the intensive use under various conditions like change of temperature and high moisture.
  • It is important that the wooden spoons do not fracture and they continue being serviceable after a long period of time.
  • You have nothing special to do in order to clean the wooden tools. They can be washed with warm water and regular washing-up liquid.

Top 5 Best Wooden Spoons

If you buy one of these spoons, you will never regret. With wood you can forget about melting plastic or rusting metal. No toxic materials are used when processing these items.

Now let’s regard some most popular brands:

  1. Organic bamboo cooking & serving utensil set by Neet. It consists of 6 hand crafted pieces including spatulas. You can count on lasting quality and lifetime guarantee. The bamboo is very good for kitchen utensils being eco-friendly and sustainable that is why spoons will not be replaced for a long time. The set is enough for various cooking methods and serving of the ready dishes. It is affordable and can be bought for a gift.
  2. Vremi spoons cooking utensils are extremely good. There are five kinds of spoons made of bamboo in this set with colorful handles made of silicone. You will enjoy bright red, green, yellow, blue and orange. You can use them for turning, mixing, cooking, and serving of any foods as far as the wood does not react with products. You can easily fry meat, stir soup or turn a cake with these pieces. The tools have the comfortable grips provided with long colored silicone rubber handles equipped with holes to hang them up for storage.
  3. Essteele offers a spoon crafted from beechwood of brown color, which is evaporated to achieve the best result. It is durable, functional, and elegant in Italian style. The construction has a hook on a handle intended for hanging it up. You cannot clean it in a dishwasher and leave in oven but in all other cases it is very useful.
  4. The numerous wooden utensils by Rachael Ray are characterized by extremely ergonomic design. They are developed by a gifted woman which is involved in her own retail business, professional cooking, TV shows and managing of her own magazine. She knows everything about kitchen and the needs of home cooks.
  5. Home Basics Bamboo Wooden Spoons, which are also made with multicolored handles. The pieces are produced with use of a wood of high quality processed in accordance with new technology aimed at making them even more durable and reliable during intensive use.

Thinking about the intended purpose and considering the expectations of the utensil, you can choose whatever you can afford. Here you will find a huge assortment of wooden spoons of any size, form, and design. Though, ergonomic properties are vital, the look is also very important. Choose the models which are appealing!

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