Why Do You Need Baking Sheet with Wire Rack?

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Baking is one of the most frequent cooking method which can be applied to the various foods. Perhaps we would rather think of cookies and bread when the word “baking” is pronounced but actually the application is much wider. Of course you can take any pans developed for the oven and prepare food in them, but there are recipes and circumstances when a large tray is much more convenient and beneficial.

There are some kinds of this bakeware providing various results. Frankly speaking the result will be anyway but the preferences do matter when you want to facilitate and speed up the process, to improve the quality of the dish. There are rimmed and rimless sheets. The former is good for the foods which are full of juices. The tall sides keep this content inside. The latter provides the better cooking because the food is heated faster and properly due the peculiarities of the construction. And there is a baking sheet with rack. What is it for? Is it really necessary for your kitchen or you can do without this additional tool which is easily replaced by something else? We are going to consider all these moments below. But first let’s talk about the appliance itself.

What Are Baking Sheets About?

The baking sheet is a very convenient way to cook a bunch of foods at one go. Of course it is designed for particular tasks and cannot be used for stewing or boiling. But almost any product which can be baked is welcome. Traditionally the sheet pans are meant for cookies and pies like biscuits.

They can be made of various material including silicone but still the cooks prefer the simple bare aluminum because it conducts the heat in a perfect way and helps to achieve the expected result. In addition, this metal is durable, cheap and relatively safe. Though, there are talks about its reactivity. You can avoid undesired influence refusing the tomato dishes or using the parchment paper to line the bottom creating the non-stick and protection layer. Still there are gauge aluminum, stainless steel and copper sheet pans.

Before buying one, just consider the existing pros and cons. There are the expensive variants like tri-ply constructions which will get the value for the money you pay. Do not forget about the non-stick pans, but here you will have to replace them in a couple of years as far as the service life of this product is short enough. It is much better to take an aluminum baking sheet and apply parchment paper in order to provide the non-stick properties which is cheap, safe, and does not require any oil or butter for cooking.

Thus, the baking sheet provides you with an option for preparing dinner for a crowd in no time almost. You can bake chicken, vegies, snacks, and cookies. Also this tray is good for making some food getting cool and for a lot of other tasks.

The construction

At the market they usually offer the rectangular baking sheets of different sizes. Though, the professionals insist that the standard size is the best and it is equal to 18 by 13 inches.

Some models have rims. The others do not have them but equipped with one side to hold the tray conveniently. As we have mentioned already the material can be different but it is preferable to choose the heavier construction so that the sheet does not warp under the high heat. You can buy the baking sheets with lids but they are for storage only and cannot be used in the oven. There are the additional elements for some models known as a cooling rack.

The baking sheet with wire rack is even more beneficial as far as you get an additional option. A high-quality cooling rack fits in a baking sheet of the correspondent standard. It is made of the strong bars which are able to sustain even material weight and does not bow. You should clean it immediately after use, and if the welds are smooth, it will be not so difficult.

Within the standard it consists of 3/8-inch squares. The net is supported by strong feet elevating the whole construction half an inch. As you understand, the size of rack does matter, as far as it should adhere to the tray. But this parameter is not important for performance. You would rather think of the amount of cookies and muffins you often bake. If there are lots of them cooked for a crowd, then you are recommended to buy a large rimmed baking sheet with wire rack and there is no need to look for the appropriate grid as far as it is “attached”. But you can choose the separately marketed rack of any size and use it without sheet pan. So you will not be able to bake in it but it will be good for cooling and other purposes especially when you need the extra place for a large portion of cookies at once. In general, we would recommend a rack 10-inches across that will be enough for your expectations. This is the efficient size but there are items which are even larger.

How to Choose Wire Rack?

The best rack does not warp or bend as far as it is made of the stainless steel of high quality. The steel can be plated with chrome in order to extend its service life and improve rust resistance. It can be used in the oven and tolerate the temperature up to 700 degrees. Thus it can be used even if you are going to grill or roast the food.  And if you prefer, you can bake just on the rack without sheet pan. Pay your attention to the seams and size of net.

Among the brands which are reputable and worth to be mentioned there are:

  • Kichenatics offers a professional roasting wire rack fits half sheet baking pan which you will use for cookies and cakes in the oven. It is good for smoking and grilling also and of course it will suit such a cooking method as drying. It is intended for heavy use being rust-proof it tolerates the temperature to 575˚F.
  • Ultra Cuisine. There is a wide choice of this brand. You will find the rack with small holes of grid, smooth edges, and a perfect 1-inch height. The most models are oven safe.
  • KitchenXcuisine. The products of this manufacturer is mostly made of stainless steel correspondent to the commercial standards – it is Stainless Steel Grade 304. Consider the wired cooling and baking rack which is perfect for hot food and pans. You can use the racks with different sizes of sheet. There are large enough to meet your requirements. It is safe to use in the oven withstanding the high heat, so you can bake the foods onto it easily. You’ll appreciate easy cleaning.

How Can You Use Baking Sheet with Wire Rack?

Sometimes, this rack is considered as cooling but this is not the right explanation of its features. The recipes often recommend to cool the made cookies on a rack. This is important because the baking sheet accumulates the heat and even after it is pulled out of the oven it continues to cook and the foods on it can be overdone due to this residual heat. Sure, first of all you can apply the wire racks when you want to make your cookies and pies to get cool placing them onto the bars and allowing the air to surround them from every side preventing condensation which spoils the foods. But indeed there are a lot of other purposes.

You can:

  • Glaze cakes or home-made sweets neatly using this rack.
  • Use it as a place for a hot pan or the foods taken out of this pan.
  • Roast meat or fish on it. There is such a cooking technique as a dry brine. It supposes to cook meat with white wine. You put the poultry or pork on the rack, sprinkle it with salt which pulls water from it and as a result the brine solution cover the meat outside. Now you can put it into the oven for some minutes to get the crust, after that you should leave it on the rack to cool. Now it is ready to be roasted. Here the rack is very needed.
  • Drain meat or other foods. You can put the ready products on the rack and place the sheet pan under it in order to collect the dropping juices. In this way you will be able to maintain the crunch you get while cooking.

So as you see cooling racks are an important item for a baker. In some cases, you can replace the rack with parchment paper or even paper towel for the above tasks but really this tool is much more efficient and of multiple use. Again they do not create the same effect of air circulation and that is why the cookies get cool longer.


Despite of the above properties which are of great use in your kitchen, the cooling racks may be cleaned rather difficultly. Especially when you bake something greasy. Taking into account those small cells, you will get tired trying to wash them by hand. Fortunately, you can count on its resistance to rust and use dishwasher which will cope with those difficulties. Still if the producer does recommend hand wash or you do not have this machine, you should dip it in the warm or hot soapy water and leave it to soak. Then you are expected to rub it with a gentle scrub and rinse the grease with flowing water.

Remember about the temperature limits for the item when you choose it and adhere to these restrictions if you want the rack serves for a long time. For baking the temperature should be at least 5000 F.

Nowadays there are a lot of ratings which determine the best cooling racks in accordance with the research or reviews, and you can start your search looking them through. Consider effortless cleaning, durability, and performance first of all.

In order to get an access to the actual and helpful information, just visit this site and find the best rimmed baking sheet with wire rack. Enjoy the diversity of brands, designs, sizes and materials the bakeware is made of.

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