What is a Milk Frother?

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Can you imagine your day without a cup of aromatic coffee beverage? Do you prefer it with milk? Replying you can understand quite easily what is a milk frother. Just imagine that creamy dense or airy foam on the top of your drink? It is tempting and so important part of hot cappuccino, latte, and various cold drinks. In order to create it with the needed properties and appearance, you should use a special appliance and that is called Milk Froher. There are several kinds of this appliance and you can choose regarding the wide range of brands and models. But the main option of any version of this aggregate is to froth the milk!

The Milk You Can Use

Before we start speaking about the appliance, we should understand that the perfect foam is possible due to a range of factors, and the milk is one of the most important components of success. Buying aggregate, you should find the information what milk is recommended to use. Because we have a lot of variations which can produce the froth of various quality. At average the experts offer to try 2% cow’s milk to get the neutral result. But there are nuances.

  • What should be preferred: cow’s whole or skim milk? You’d better take skim milk if you want to have the larger amount of foam, but it will be a kind of dry and not very stable. While the whole milk guarantees a rich taste and creamy consistence.
  • You will certainly froth without any difficulties if you take calcium-enriched milk full of minerals and protein it is a healthy part of your diet.
  • Lactose-free milk is a good solution for those who needs protein in immerse quantity and you’ll froth a lot of foam with tiny bubbles.
  • What about the milk of other animals? Please, use it if you like. The goat’s or sheep’s milk is ok if it contains protein in enough amount, because it is required for proper frothing.
  • Soy and almond milk is for those who has allergy or try to avoid animal food. They create a firm foam. The soy one cannot provide you with high stability while the other one is long-lasting.
  • But the simplest and – as odd it may say – most efficient milk is sterilized marketed in the Tetra Packs. You’ll get the dense foam lasting for a long period.

What is Milk Foam Expected to Be?

Milk perfectly complements the coffee flavor highlighting the caramel taste of the drink. The reason for this effect is in chemistry. Lactose sweetens your coffee allowing to do without sugar, protein makes milk to be the light substance full of useful element – it provides the density. The fats create that special smooth topping. So, you can be quite sure that milk is necessary to improve and enrich the taste of coffee. And now we can speak about the ways it is processed to make it suitable for a tasty drink.

Being involved in experiences with coffee making, you surely get interested in a lot of things making you more careful about details. Thus, you can read about several ways to prepare the milk foam. There is the steamed milk and foamed one. In this article we speak about the latter. But what is the difference between a milk frother and steamer?

The foamed or frothed milk is usually heated and shaken to achieve that airy and smooth appearance. The whisked amount is often divided into two parts: a foam and milk of thick texture. The foam remains on the top of milk a for a long time as it is expected.

There is also the steamed milk, which is not a self-sufficient ingredient as a layer of foam. It is mixed with a coffee and creates the marvelous silky taste of it. It has velvety texture when there is no division but only the mixture of foam and milk known as microfoam. Frankly speaking the latte is better when is prepared with steamed milk. But there is one reason to refuse it because it can be made only on expresso machine, the cost of which is rather high. That is why you’d better choose a frother with options allowing to set the quality of foam achieving the needed result and save your money without spoiling the beverage.

General Features

Most manufactures develop a frother suitable to any type of milk including almond or soy milk, but to get accurate information, you should read the manual, which is also marketed with the appliance. The functionality of a frother can be diverse and if it is, the price is much higher. For example, you can set the parameters for the foam as to its amount, quality, density and temperature. In general, you will need only two results: frothing and heating. They are delivered by most automatic frothers regardless of the brand. Deciding to buy a simple model with these two options, you should turn your attention to the reliability of the producer. The aggregate is so simple in use that you will have no problems in cope with it.

How Should You Use It?

If you love puffy and warm or cold foam covering your coffee drink, then you should buy a milk frother and enjoy its features. You will get a barista-level result – we promise you! What do you need for it? First of all, you should have coffee and idea what kind of drink you would like to have. Then you are expected to buy the milk and that task is not as easy as it may seem. The point is that the quality of froth depends on quality of milk as well. You can prefer the milk in Tetra Pack, which is sterilized and frothes in a perfect way. Pay attention to the expiration date because the older milk is, the more glycerol it contains, which complicates frothing.

The skim milk is better as far as its chemical structure provides better stable foam. Pour it in a jug of a frother or follow the manufacturer’s instruction minding that it will grow in size when being foamed. The cool milk is preferable, though the exact temperature does not matter. You are allowed to whisk the heated milk but there will be less froth. Now the high time for frothing – the process depends on the features of the appliance. Sometime it is enough to push the “on” button anyway do what is required. The time is determined by the producer but usually it will take you from 30 seconds to three minutes to make a foam. You can check it. Is it dense, firm, airy enough? When it is ready, remove the lid with a whisk and pour the milk foam into a cup with coffee.

Items to Pay Attention

  • Remember that the foam is expected to remain for a long time just up to the moment when a beverage is over. Though, various drinks require various foam: smoothy for latte and dense for cappuccino. If you want to act professionally, buy a multifunctional frother with a range of additional options including the possibility to regulate the foam quality.
  • The design does matter and not only because it fits your kitchen but first of all due to its ergonomics. Consider the material the parts are made of: stainless steel provides durability, while plastic is a cheap alternative with a shorter service life. There are also various technologies improving the operation and use, for instance a double-wall technology or a non-stick outer surface preventing from greasing.
  • The way you should maintain the appliance is also important. The constructions can be take-down, intended to dishwasher or only to cleaning by hand. Most models are not allowed to be immersed into water – and this recommendation must be followed strictly.
  • The time of frothing is a performance, which is considered when choosing a milk frother. Usually it takes about a couple of minutes to get what you want.


As any equipment the frother demands the correct using and maintaining. It is important to start operation only when it is in good working order. Usually this appliance is not dishwasher friendly and should not be immersed into the water. But still you are expected to clean it after every frothing, use wet cloth and escape abrasive cleaning agents. Dry it with a kitchen towel. When you experience some undesirable reaction ensure that everything is correct with it before going to the repair service. Remember that the milk must not be very hot when steamed and that is not a disorder. Sometime not all the milk is frothed and that is also a normal situation. Mind that you should not overfill a jug, pay attention to the particular maximum mark inside the vessel. The lid should be place in a proper way. When the use is too intensive, the temperature of the appliance can be too high and it can refuse switching on, though the correspondent light can show the operation mode. In this case you should wait a little bit until it gets cool.

Three Current Winners at the Market

  1. Breville Milk Café is very good froher made of stainless steel and the brans is considered to be the premium one. Here you will find a lot of options making the process easier and he result more perfect. You can set the temperature of the milk, the amount and quality of foam using two disks. The producer allows to clean it a dishwasher but perhaps it is better to do it by hand in order to last its service life. Everything is convenient in this model: a jug with a spout, a hole in a lid and other details.
  2. Nespresso Aeroccino comes also with high price and a range of additional options but much less compared to the above. You can heat and froth by it creating dense or smooth foam – that is almost the only customization. There is no feature of temperature regulation and it is not dishwasher safe.
  3. Epica Automatic is a perfect budget model which creates the froth of high quality in no time. You can use cold milk or heat it. Due to a case made of stainless steel it is resistant to damages.

In addition to the mentioned brands there are a lot of others worthy of remark, there are various technologies used and various prices. Here  you can find more information.

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