True review of the Pioneer Woman cookware set: pans and pots with love

I love to cook and expand the boundaries of cooking

The production designed and manufactured by the Pioneer Woman was launched within framework of Here you can find dinnerware and cookware in large diversity. The products of this trademark are able to fill in the entire kitchen and they can serve for any occasion. The exterior of items is so inviting that you will prefer using only them again and again.

Cookware makes your day!

The cookware is not only helpful utensils. This is the environment providing you with the right state of mind. You should have all necessary facilities for creating tasty and healthy meal. You do not have to be a professional chef, but you should use the items intended just for the particular cooking method instead of having one skillet for all intents and purposes. Make a good thing of such common activity as preparing food. Enjoy it and gain experience, learn more about the available materials, constructions, technologies. Find out your own preferences regarding all pros and cons of various cookware brands. This is a matter of sound approach to your life. You should care for your family, relatives and friends offering them only wholesome food cooked with love, skills and perfect cookware.

What is special about the Pioneer Woman?

What is the Pioneer Woman? Perhaps you’ll be surprised (if you do not know it yet), that this is a name of award-winning food blog, the author of which is Ree Drummond, – the beautiful, clever, and successful woman. She is able to groove on the things around her. Being TV personality Ree shares her opinions and ideas with all who is involved in cooking and creating the cozy home. She has written the best-seller – a cookbook with a lot of recipes. And at last she launched the Food Network’s “The Pioneer Woman” with all those pretty things you just cannot ignore. They attract attention with the useful options, perfect forms, bright colors and ethnic or floristic ornaments. The pieces of the collection can be found on Wal-Mart shelves and online within the online store of this world-known retail network. This is a recognizable style. You can mix and match all the items meeting your personal needs and wants. The author of these lines thinks over each and every detail to provide the consumers with functional and ergonomic cookware embodying her individual style. Ree creates only such things, which inspire her personally. She is not going to run down, believing that it is just the beginning. Becoming a successful business lady she remains a loving mother of four kids and a good wife.

New Experience

If you have never bought the Pioneer Woman cookware sets before, you should try and you’ll appreciate country-chic appearance of every detail. The sets include different number of items for various cooking methods and their stunning design allows taking them just from the oven to the table for diner. At that, every item is made for real life. The peculiarities of use, cleaning up, storage – everything is taken into consideration. You can set the best table for any occasion using only Ree’s kitchen and cookware.

To get more details you can look through the Pioneer Woman product catalog. Here you will see the solid cast iron pans and skillets, elegant stainless steel vessels, non-stick ceramic and copper items. You are free to choose to your discretion and save your money without compromising on quality. Change your life for the better! Once again it is easy to buy the goods within Wal-Mart which is the exclusive home of these exciting brand collections.


The Pioneer Woman cookware is full of unexpected ideas including unusual colors. You will certainly enjoy the design and the quality of every position. Let’s regard some of the sets:

  • The Pioneer Woman vintage speckle non-stick pre-seasoned cookware set is made of aluminum and includes 10 items, among which a Dutch Oven, a frying pan, a Jumbo Cooker, two sauce pans and a cast iron skillet. You are offered all vessels you need for everyday cooking. Its price is about $80. You can buy it in various colors: black, linen, red, and turquoise. Every piece can be applied on the stove and in the oven. Cleaning is simple as far as a dishwasher is allowed. The pots and pans are completed with lids. The producer provides limited lifetime warranty. The main material used for this cookware, aluminum, is covered outside with a porcelain enameled speckle finish creating a farmhouse style. The interior coating is reinforced and consists of 3 layers. As a result vessels serve for a long time remaining its perfect non-stick coating PFOA free. To cook with its help is easy because food does not stick. The handles of silicone provide a pleasant, soft grip. And of course the strong point of this set is a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. All the items suite ceramic, gas, electric, and halogen stovetops.
  • The Pioneer Woman classic belly ceramic non-stick interior cookware set is made of enamel aluminum. The producer offers three beautiful rare colors: ocean teal, mint, and red. At your disposal there are two skillets, a Dutch Oven, two sauce pans, a Jumbo Cooker. In whole together with lids it makes ten pieces. The foods cooked in it do not stick thanks to a special coating, which does not contain potentially dangerous PFOA & PFTE. Any food releases quickly and without problems. You are recommended to clean it by hands and you can use it in the oven. By the way the lids are produced of tempered glass that is why they are not fragile. Still you should not prove it intentionally. The handles are convenient due to soft silicone and double-riveted being very reliable. Here you can count on such a useful item as a rust-resistant cast iron skillet which should be washed by hand. The dishwasher is not forbidden but if you want to extend the useful life, you’d better turn to this cleaning method as seldom as it is possible. Do not forget pre-season the cast iron every time you wash the skillet.

  • The Pioneer Woman copper charm 10-Piece cookware set is a little bit more expensive due to copper. The vessels are produced of high-quality stainless steel combined with an aluminum and copper bottom. They can be used for any cooktops including induction and in the ovens with temperature up to 500 degrees F but you’d better refuse the high heat as far as it works in a proper way over the medium and do not forget to add some oil or butter before cooking in order to prevent sticking. The price of the set is about $129.00. You are offered to choose among two colors: silver and stainless steel. The set consists of a fry pan, steamer insert, Dutch Oven, two sauce pans, covered saute pan with helper and glass lids fitting securely. The peculiarity of these vessels is highly-polished exteriors glowing in sunlight. The strong point here is copper offering perfectly even heat distribution and possibility to control the temperature in a professional way. The cast stainless steel handles are designed to lift the full pans easily. The beautiful Pioneer Woman logo is located right on the handles. The interior allows applying metal utensil. You can clean the items in a dishwasher or by hands but do not allow to go dry by itself, use a towel to remove water from the surfaces in particular this recommendation is important for copper which can get spots. In general copper is not easy in maintenance, it tarnishes over time and requires cleaning with correspondent agents. Moreover, you can scratch copper, that is why you should try to store the pans carefully. If there are food stains, you are recommended to soak a pan in warm soapy water and use a scouring pad. But refuse steel wool pads or scrubbers. To remove different spots left after washing without thorough towel drying you can soak the vessel in vinegar and leave it there during an hour. Then rub it a little bit with a soft scrubbing cloth and mild agent. If during long heating the marks appear, apply baking soda for slight rubbing of the surface with wet sponge allowing to get soda paste. You should use this method only when a pan is dry. You can be sure that the items are rust-resistant. You know that the stainless steel constructions are usually the choice of professional chefs because they are durable and perform perfectly. There is also almost the same set but including 23 pieces with mini au gratins, measuring spoons, sleeves, slotted turner, and ladle

  • Vintage speckle red the Pioneer Woman cookware set is made of porcelain non-stick aluminum and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. Here you will find a recipe booklet in the package. The set consists of 10 pieces and designed if antique style and available in deep red colot. All the items are full of functionality meeting all cooking requirements. In the minimal version you’ll get a frying pan and cast iron skillet for roasting and other cooking then you are offered all needed vessels for boiling and stewing: a crock pot, jumbo cooker, and two sauce pans. Every piece is covered with a lid. The pans as pre-seasoned and can be used in the oven. It is represented consisting of 10, 17 and 24 pieces. And there is a nonstick set of this line in black color.
  • The Pioneer Woman timeless 18-piece essential set is made of cast iron and marketed in red being remarkable with its rustic charm and impressive durability. It includes every item which is needed in the kitchen in standard trim. You can count on two gradient enamel cast iron Dutch ovens, and a cast iron round skillet, au gratins, casseroles, a sauce pan, a silicone long handle sleeve and two wooden tools. You are suggested to choose between turquoise and red colors. Every set includes manual with care instructions for every item. A few words about a cast iron skillet should be said. It is used to prepare a lot of specialty dishes requiring the high heat for example searing meats. You just cannot do without it in the kitchen. Though you are expected to meet the requirements as to the maintenance. It will demand the additional care. The cast iron items should be seasoned to prevent food cooked in it from sticking and you should do it every time you wash it in soaped water as minimum. They are very durable.

What material should be preferred?

When such a wide variety is available, we should know how to choose the best variant for our needs. And in addition to composition, choice of items useful individually for you, there are other options, which are recommended to regard. The most important moment is a material. It determines a range of factors influencing performance. Now we tell you the pros and cons of them.


When you see in the above description of the Pioneer Woman sets that they are made of aluminum, it does not mean that you will contact with bare metal. It is enameled or covered with other coating so that to prevent its reaction with foods. Another drawback of aluminum is softness and tendency towards deformation that is why the producers harden it with a layer of stainless steel for example. Why do they use aluminum if that’s the case? First of all, it has a high heat conductivity meaning that your foods are warmed quickly and evenly. Secondly, it is very light being easy to hold and use. And of course the low cost is by no means unimportant. Nowadays the aluminum can be hard anodized. This technology makes it much harder, unreactive and durable. The scratches are almost impossible in this material. By the way the anodized finish is nontoxic. And you’ve got a smooth cookware surface decreasing the possibility of sticking.

Stainless steel

The most popular and available material is stainless steel being an alloy of chromium and iron. The chromium is needed for a thin passive layer of oxide preventing from corrosion. This alloy may consist of other elements like carbon, silicon, carbon, nickel and so on. Thus the needed performance is achieved. The Pioneer Woman sets are made of stainless steel of the highest quality. They are suitable to various cooking methods and comparatively inexpensive. Being a little bit heavy they are very durable compensating this inconvenience. Though, the foods may stick if it is not coated with nonstick layer.

Nonstick steel

Nonstick cookware is a perfect solution for cooking without sticking and burning. Such vessels are easy to clean up. The only doubt is its durability. Usually the nonstick sets are replaced once in three years and there are restrictions for metal sharp things to use together with them. If the scratches damage the surface, the foods start sticking. Moreover the undesired contact of food with a lower layer may be dangerous that is why the service term of the damaged pans can be shorter. Though the updated technologies allow to make this nonstick coating thicker, harder and less fragile.


This is an expensive and beautiful material, which also should not contact with food, because it changes the taste and can cause the excess of this microelement in the human organism. But copper is a great heat conductor and perfect for the unique design that is why it is usually used in the bottom construction to improve the heat distribution or as an exterior decorative layer.


Ceramic is not good for heat distribution that is why it responds the temperature slowly but this is a good new also as far as the food does not get cool immediately. The ceramic pans are the best for slowly and long cooking over the constant and low heat. The items made of this material are light and convenient to hold but they are fragile. So it is better to choose the steel set covered with nonstick ceramic coating PFOA- and PTFE-free. The modern material is resistible to scratching and rather durable.

Advantages of The Pioneer Woman

  • The author of these sets put her life into every item and reflects her positive attitude to life, her success and creativity.
  • The greatest choice of items in the sets are added with enormous number of various details, accessories and dinnerware ad that allow to create the unique interior in your kitchen and turn the food intake in real feast
  • The sets consist of all needed for everyday cooking with specialties and traditional items like cast iron skillet.
  • All the components are made of the best materials and developed with thoughts of the convenience and optimality.
  • The affordable prices of the sets are the great competitive position. And here you can count on special offers and other pleasant gifts.
  • Being not expensive every item returns you money when used as intended. The products are of high quality and with bright cheerful design.
  • The materials, details, and technologies applied are absolutely safe for people’s health and environment.
  • The producer delivers the guarantee for the quality of its sets.

Around the market

When you monitor the market of the cookware, you will find a lot of offers and among them there are true leaders with perfect solutions but the prices are usually too high. Why should you pay extra money for the brand significance? The Pioneer Woman is a relatively new brand, but it is still time proved and so bright that you cannot pass by it. The cookware sets are functional and so pretty nice to look at that you will never think of cooking as of a dull and heavy activity. Within the same price range you will not find anything more reliable and perfect.

Here the high standards of American craftsmanship are integrated. The Pioneer Woman vessels really stand apart. For the non-stick items Quantum 2 is applied. This coating is made with fluorocarbons, and though it does not contain PTFE, it behaves in the same way suggesting a smooth and perfectly non-stick surface. Of course it can be damaged with metal utensils as non-stick vessels of any other brand. As opposed to the ceramic non-stick solutions, you will see when Quantum 2 is worn out – it starts flaking. If you do want to give the set to the next generation, you have an excellent opportunity to buy the other Pioneer Woman cookware because it has a variety of them. Choose between diverse types of cooking surfaces. Here perhaps the choice of materials in not as large as with other producers but still there is a stain steel set. Instead you have an approach to really fantastic colors and designs.

Of course like any other goods the products of the Pioneer Woman have both pros and cons. Or we would rather say every customer has his own preferences, that is why the speckled exterior can be a dream for someone and an undesired option for the others. And if you do not need a cast iron pan, you cannot find the set of particular collection as far as they contain this additional option but on the other hand buying the aluminum set you will have the much more expensive and very useful item with it. Isn’t it a perfect idea and pure benefit for you? We are sure that with all its peculiarities this is one of the best choices of the cookware sets on the market. The only restriction compared to other trademarks is a not very wide choice.


You will get the sets full with a variety of features and matching different circumstances. You can combine them. For example if you have already the nonstick cookware, in order to extend its life using only when it is needed, you can buy a stainless steel cookware set with a copper bottom for example to achieve the best result in cooking and feel like a real professional chef. They are durable and contain the pans of various sizes allowing to feel comfortable having a pot for cooking an egg or preparing a dinner for a crowd.  You should mind that cooking in the steel vessels will take more time to get the foods ready compared to that with a copper bottom or made of aluminum.

And of course that mean consumption of more energy if this issue is vital or you, you’d better spend more choosing the expensive set in order to save your money during everyday use. Once again, if you are not ready to replace your cookware set every three or even two years, you should refuse this advantage and prefer the vessels without sticking protection. In this way you are expected to use more fat and that is probably not good if you are trying to lose weight. There are a lot of factors influencing the choice in addition to number of items in a set, its design and price. Take all of them into consideration and be sure that the quality of the Pioneer Woman is high enough to satisfy you. Any way remember that you can buy some extra pan and add it to your set if it is not included. And that is the strongest point of this brand as far as they produce a lot of things for kitchen, baking and cooking. You can add anything you want for special need, which may occur once a month, but still you require this item. And what is rather important – the cheerful design. Your kitchen will be filled in with beautiful things and put the member of your family in a good mood.

Are you interested in this bright story about success, quality and diversity? You should agree that this is the best choice for your kitchen and in order to look through the assortment and find out more information about the features you can go to the catalog of the producer and see it with your own eyes. Following this way, you get the chance to order one of the Pioneer Woman sets.

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