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The milk frother is designed to make delicious foam for latte or cappuccino. Of course, you can use an espresso machine, but this is a very expensive equipment. But you can do without it buying a special device and Epica suggests great value for money.

The Ways to Froth Milk

Actually there are several methods to make milk foam:

  1. As we have already mentioned this is a cappuccino machine, which is equipped with a milk frothing wand. The detail delivers two options at the same time: it is able to warm and froth milk using steam pushed out from its nozzle by pressure.
  2. Hand-pump milk frother is another apparatus. It consists of a plunger with a fine mesh screen and a container made of metal or glass with a cover and hole in it. To achieve the needed result and froth the milk, you should put the plunger into the hole and pump it up and down.
  3. There are also small electric whisks with a propeller at the end. The whisking power is not high but the thing is not expensive and very simple in appliance.
  4. And at last the most efficient device is an electric milk frother. It is easy to use and to clean. There are various models with plenty of peculiarities. Your milk will be frothed without any efforts on your part.

Why Should You Choose Epica?

The company was established in 2007 in New York and has offered the household appliances at the world market since that time. It goes out of its way to provide products for home, which are able to improve the comfort and wellbeing of its customers. Epica is a widely known and reputable brand being synonymous with innovative functions and affordable prices. Though, they could be higher due to superior quality. Another perfect feature is very polite and useful professional customer service. They do their best to meet the needs of the customers offering replacement warranties and primary and backup service programs. They contribute to your comfortable and healthy home creating the ergonomic environment where it is pleasant to live, play, and work. In its assortment you can find steamers, yogurt makers, coffee grinders, body fat scales, and small appliances including Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe.


  • You can use the frother for making both hot and cold milk foam so delicious and perfect in cappuccino or various iced drinks. You can heat milk for hot coffee. The vessel is usually made of stainless steel with vacuum insulation and that construction is able to maintain high temperature for a long time providing really hot cappuccino. The models usually consist of a base and carafe which is detaches making it convenient to pour frothed milk. The producer offers warranty and guarantees the continuous and trouble free operation.

The Best Offer at the Market

Now we offer you the description of the most popular frother brands, which you can compare and appreciate their features appropriate for you.

Breville Milk Café

If you do not count your money you can turn your attention to Breville Milk Café supposed one of the best milk frother with a jug. Only this one allows setting the temperature of the milk from cold to 700 C. You can regulate the amount and intensity of foam you would like to get using two interchangeable disks. Thus a smooth micro-foam and a dense one are possible. You are suggested the options to create a lot of foam. The appliance is dishwasher safe, the jug is separable. It is characterized with a beautiful design. The body frame is made of stainless steel which serve for a while. Here you can feel that the manufacturer pays attention to the details delivering the convenience of use. The jug is equipped with a spout for neat pouring of the milk without splashing it around. There is also a hole in a lid for adding different ingredients during frothing like syrups. What is not perfect here is a frothing disk which can become loose if you forget to clean the jug at once after using it. It happens because of magnetization holding the disk. To escape this problem rinse it thoroughly. Though, you are expected to wash a jug of any frother every time you use it because the old milk can change the taste of new foam.

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

It is also worth your attention. It goes without saying that the premium products have high prices. But there are the things which are considered to have optimal quality-price ratio. This brand is one of them. It is able to make dense foam and heats up using induction heating though it is half the price of the model specified above. Its construction includes a magnetised spinning disk so the above requirement is also important here. There are two disks for creation of foam with various density. In order to start an aggregate, you should press a button. But still the price is lower and here are the reasons for it. It is not much customized and almost has no interesting additional features. You cannot set the temperature here which will be the optimal one for milk up to 60-65 degrees C. If you want it hotter, put the foam in a microwave oven. You cannot clean it in a dishwasher – the manual work will be needed. The capacity is enough for two persons rather, it is not a good idea to use it for frequent and intensive use.

Epica Automatic

And at last we suggest our winner, which is really good in every respect for such a price. It is also equipped with a jug and regarded as the best budget milk frother. It shares a lot of performances of Nespress Aeroccino being of the same capacity – 125 ml if you want to prepare foam and 250 ml if you want to heat milk. The induction heating is accompanied with two heat options: you can froth the cold milk or heat it up to 650C. The case is made of stainless steel and that is a guarantee of its wear-resisting property. Here the low price is possible because there are no excessive options – those bell and whistles. While the quality is perfect and the result is unfailing.

The Epica is a really great choice and the way it froths the milk is quite different from the Nespresso for example. There is no magnetisation to hold a frother. Here a motorised whisk is fixed onto the bottom of a jug and makes a marvelous dense cappuccino foam before you can say knife. The device is not dishwasher safe but you should rinse it every time so that you can exclude the foreign smell and taste of the next portion of foam. To choose between cold and hot milk you should press one of two distinct buttons – a very user friendly solution. It is about 30 dollars cheaper compared to the Nespresso, so if you can do without various levels of foam and dishwasher option, you should prefer Epica. The appearance is matter of opinion.

Kuissential SlickFroth

This is a handheld milk frother which is the best among the others. It is stylish and helpful of course it is not so comfortable but much cheaper. You can get a kind of manual control under the process if you need it, but it will take you some more time to achieve the result. It is made of stainless steel with a rubber grip on a handle. You are recommended to lean toward it over the plastic analogues as far as it will not break even if you drop it. It is easy to use – just switch it on and hold confidently during frothing at rather high speed. The foam turns out to be perfect.


Another handheld appliance but of a budget category. It is cheap being still the best among the cheap ones. The additional advantage of it is simplicity – just press the button and enjoy the foam of rather high quality in 30 seconds. Though, you should remember that the torque speed is low enough, and you are expected to buy batteries separately they are not included. Unfortunately the build quality is not very high as well – that is why you hardly can count on a long-term use. The handle grip is made of plactic and whisk is made of stainless steel. If you want really simple and cheap solution, it is quite the thing!

How to benefit from it?

How should you use increase the quality of foam frothing with dedicated tools so that you take more advantages from them and make a perfect milky topping? You can do it easy and in no time as a result your breves, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, chocolate cocktails will be tasty and tempting. To get that delicious whipped cream you are recommended to choose the best equipment because it does matter and follow some simple pieces of advice:

  • apply skim milk because it is frothed much better compared to whole milk as a lot of people think;
  • before starting frothing cool the milk if you want to do it faster and better. You can put the ready topping into microwave to warm it;
  • and do remember that milk should be whisked separately – you just cannot pour it into coffee and froth the mixture.

The silky foam is possible due to protein which also is very good for your health – another reason to add this detail to a cup of your drinks. Indeed, the quality of foam depends on the protein content which milk has, and of fats level – skim milk usually produces more foam.

It is obvious that the best choice for your kitchen is Epica Milk Frother which is the golden mean being of the high quality and at affordable price. You can find the details we have not included in this article looking for them here. Do not be in doubt that you need the foam on your morning homemade coffee! Invest in milk frother and enjoy sweet coffee refusing of the usual sugar due to the lactose which by the way is indissoluble in liquid and other ingredients. Though, you can use a lactose-free milk or calcium-enriched, goats, cow’s or sheep’s milk. Soy and almond milk is also ok. Anyway it really improves taste making it richer.

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