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Cuisinart provides the high quality of cookware, materials and constructions. It is also recognized for its innovations intended for cooking. It devotes special attention to design of its vessels. All the items are versatile and safe being durable and easy to maintain. Here you hardly find the pans with nonstick coating but if you season stainless steel cookware, it will release the food easily.

Some words about the brand

There are a range of American brands of home appliances which are popular and have a lot of interesting features and technologies to offer at the market. Cuisinart is one of them being owned by Conair Corporation founded in 1959. Now it consists of a range of product directions including the Cuisinart which produces a wide variety of products.

The conception of this brand is formed when its founder developed a food preparation machine in the image of the French analogue which he saw during his travel around France. He wants to decrease the time of cooking and to make it much easier and efficient on account of shortening of cycle tasks. Though the machine did not become popular at once, the company continued its activity and soon it was bought by Conair. Nowadays the cookware produced by it is designed to offer professional quality results. It covers the entire kitchen. The company markets a variety of items, which transfer home cooking into professional experience. It has a lot rewards for different items.

Goals of Cuisinart

The mission of this company is to create the tools for people helping them to savor a good life. It offers inventive products which are needed in the kitchen. You can buy individual cookware or bakeware, sets consisting of a different number of items, household appliances and so on. Here are the solutions for many tasks and fitting every need. The most interesting category is heavy grade cookware sets, the designs of which match any kitchen. The prime quality of the items enables faster and safer cooking experience. The vessels are mainly manufactured of stainless steel with an aluminum core on the bottom providing fast and even heat distribution. While aluminum is a guarantee of perfect conductivity and the stainless steel makes the pans durable and tough. This is the most efficient combination of material when the quality meets the price.

There are also series with non-stick properties. Anyway the cookware sets are intended for the whole family. You can choose a large or small one – as you need corresponding to your needs. There are various looks and colors of sets – so it is possible to find something matching the interior of the kitchen. For those who prefer classic variants, there are pure silver colors or just polished steel which are neutral for any occasion. The mirror finishes are very beautiful also and will be a stylish addition to any environment. The Cuisinart competes favorably offering perhaps the best finish. Its cookware is affordable and functional, reliable and innovative.

The strong points

The brand is wide recognized now and there is the evidences about its successful prior competition with other participators of the market of cookware.

Why is it preferred?

  • The customers choose its products suggesting positive feedbacks due to energy efficiency provided by the vessels and that mean that the investment in the cookware set is repaid entirely. Beyond that the durability of all items also means economy as far as you do not have to replace your set in two or three years.
  • As we have already mentioned the cookware of this producer is easy cleaned and that the reason for an upper hand.
  • The brand does not stop to improve the quality focusing on the current demands of the customers. The continuous innovation is almost the brand-name manifestation and there are proves of this efforts – the brand is placed on the top heights at the correspondent niche of the market.
  • The cookware sets covers the large segment of the market providing the steadiness of the company.
  • The right choice of material for the cookware guarantees the demand. Aluminum and stainless steel is an efficient couple. The pans get heated and cooled quickly.
  • The constructions of vessels are reasoned out for convenient storage of every item. You can hang them over kitchen island, or stack them in one other.


For certain Cuisinmart has its own place at the market. A lot of restaurants and households  order the cookware only of this brand. The exceptional reputation of the company in the cooking world works towards its main goal – to create the best working environment for professional chefs and private cooks to prepare healthy and tasty meals easily and quickly. It becomes possible due to the technology of hard-anodized aluminum transferring heat properly. Cuisinmart is known for that: better, faster and safer opportunities. Durably safe, authentic and great responses over purchase are the basic attributes of this long-lasting brand. Everybody knows that it is possible to buy all you need for cooking – the brand’s vessels are used for any cooking method sautéing, roasting, stewing and reheating the meal. Professionalism is in every item of Cuisinmart sets.


You’ll appreciate them to be easy to clean and maintain. Usually liquid detergents are used. But you can apply just soapy water to clean the items. The producer does not recommend using harsh materials to prevent damaging the surface. The user is expected to preheat Cuisinmart cookware for a couple of minutes. This first step teaches to become a real master in cooking. The pre-heating allows preventing food from sticking in pans and provides the easy cleaning.


All the sets of Cuisinart brand are divided into 4 lines. They are made of stainless steel and consists of various design solutions being of the highest quality in any case. You can prefer one of them depending on the exact requirements.

The Chef’s Classic is developed for basic needs. Being made of stainless steel with aluminum in the base, the vessels look very stylish and characterized with uncompromized quality. Every item delivers an even heat distribution, equipped with glass lids and stainless steel handles.

The Contour line is very much the same as to the material used and construction including the tempered glass lids and stainless steel rims. The difference is in design. The pans have belly-shape form. This is not a decorative feature but a functional moment needed for particular cooking techniques which can be applied by home cooks.

The Multiclad Pro differs from the above with a tri-ply construction with aluminum core meaning that two outer layers are made of stainless steel (the stainless steel interior and brushed stainless steel exterior) and in the heart there is aluminum, which does not contact with foods that is why there is no reaction with it. Thus the conductivity is much better and the pans with foods are heated quickly and evenly, and the respond to the change of temperature is almost instant. And the lids here are made of stainless steel entirely.

The French Classic is also a tri-ply construction marketed with full stainless steel lids but the items are manufactured in France that is why the price is higher twofold almost. There are differences in design also: the handles are more comfortable and there are no tapered rims. This one is considered to be of the highest quality.


What can you find in the sets of the above described lines? First of all each of them is represented with various number of pieces. So, there is a choice. In the sets you can count on finding saucepans, saute pans, skillets, Dutch ovens, stockpots, pasta insert, steamer insert. They can be uncovered and with lids. You can have three items of the same use but with different volume. There are sets which includes a non-stick skillet for fast breakfasts with eggs. There are sets consisting of 7 items and of 17 pieces. You will have everything you need in kitchen. Cuisinart suggest you the fullest selection of vessels of various forms, sizes and options. When the money matters, we recommend you to look through the variants of the Chef’s Classic line. If you want to buy the best possible, then the French Classic is just waiting for you.


  • Brand name. Of course, you can find the cookware of almost the same quality at the market. Perhaps the price will be higher or lower, or completing units are different but you choose this very product due to reputable name.  Yes, you pay additional price for this guarantee but if your budget is not restricted, you’d better ensure the quality in this way and you will not regret. Anyway do not be in hurry to refuse overpaying perhaps the difference is not explained by brand. Compare the number of items in a set, the particular properties, innovations, material and functionality. I there fewer pieces or there are no items of various size, the cost may be different. Choose what you need in this case. In other words, though the brand is of high category, the prices for its products are quite competitive if comparison is reasonable.
  • Reliable construction. All items from any line are well constructed and durable. There is no details which can be broken during the proper use. The handles are fitted firmly, the lids correspond perfectly to the pans.
  • Good conductivity. Due to particular technology (aluminum added to the construction) the vessels are heated up fast quickly. The heat distributes around cooking surface evenly. That means that you do not have to spend too much energy to cook and too much time to clean up because the foods do not burn in these pans. You should cook over the low to medium heat and enjoy the best result!.


  • Spots. As any cookware made of stainless steel these sets are easily stained with spots. That happens because of water, reaction to particular foods, pitting. Discoloration can be of different intensity, but it spoils the appearance..
  • Cleaning up with efforts. Thus you should care of them and perform a particular cleaning from time to time so that the pans can regain their shiny finish. There a lot of cleanser of needed type which help you to solve this task.

You are offered to look through the details of the above sets or the other variants here.


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