The Nutri Ninja Pro blender review

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If you want to eat more delicious fruits and nuts but don’t want them as is, Nutri ninja pro blender can liquefy and turn into a delicious smoothie almost everything: fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

The main features

The previous model of this brand – the Nutri Ninja – didn’t have some essential features and this hold it back from greatness. For versatile blending, the new model features the size and options to get the job done. 900 watts is enough for the majority of tasks and it comes with equipment necessary for serious blending. This model doesn’t have some options fancier blenders have, but this is what you’re sacrificing for the affordable price.

The base doesn’t have many buttons on the control panel, so it’s only suitable for basic tasks and smoothies. There is only one way to keep the blender running: you need to push down on the jar, because there is no button. The blender doesn’t give you options in terms of speeds and pulsing settings. Just apply force and it will blend.

If I could add something to this blender, I would include a bigger jar with measurements and an on-off button. Nutri ninja pro blender comes with handy cups, though, that are a helpful extra. Thanks to the cups, the blender is more versatile and just works better, Of course, it’s more expensive than some other blenders in the market, but a wider jar allows more food to get to the blades. The result is a smooth consistency without pieces of foods stuck in the blades.

This version has less power than some other models of this company, but it can do smoothies, coffee grinding and pesto. Just remember that you can’t just leave the blender to do the task: you need to push the cup down and wait until everything blends together. Nutri ninja pro blender is a simple device that is suitable for a couple of tricks. A few more features would be great, though.

Things to consider before buying the Nutri ninja pro blender

No matter what blender you want to get, there are several important things to consider:

Power and motor

The blender should be powerful enough to liquify and pulverize solid foods. If you want to make smoothies and sauces regularly, you want the device to be powerful enough to do the job quickly. Make sure the blander can chunk up ice and frozen ingredients and then blend it into smooth texture. 900 watts is enough to blend the majority of solid foods. My recommendation is to not get the blender that features 700 watts or less, because it can’t blend ice, nuts and many other tough ingredients.

Value and affordability

Blenders come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and prices. More expensive blenders offer more features and higher power. Even though they give you a lot for the high price, you might not need all these fancy features and power. The mid-range models often have almost the same features as their high-end counterparts. They often have shorter warranties (around 1 year) and a bit less powerful. They are perfect for smoothies and sauces. For example, Nutri ninja pro blender has the power and materials comparable to more expensive models, but a short warranty can be an issue for some people.

The cheapest models usually don’t have enough power to make delicious foods. The blades and power make it impossible to crush nuts and ice. You will get chunks of foods in your smoothie, which is never a good thing.

Size and function

There are different blender sizes: some of them are thin and tall while others are short and round. It’s always a good idea to consider the place where you will place your blender to make sure it fits. The Nutri ninja pro blender is 17 inches tall. According to the manufacturer, the distance between the upper cabinet and the countertop should be at least 18 inches. More space is recommended.


Blender speed is also important to consider. The main idea is to make smoothies but you might want to try other foods as well. Some blenders can grate, chop, liquify and grind. The more speeds you have, the more options you have for experimenting with recipes. With The Nutri ninja pro blender you can blend, mix, puree, liquify, crush ice and pulse for occasional bursts of power.

Some blenders feature one large jar while others come with replaceable jars. Some blenders have both features. You should make sure the blender has containers of the right size or you can be disappointed. If you want to travel with the blender, make sure it has several replaceable cups of different sizes.

Materials and clean up

Blenders often feature plastic parts and you need to make sure they are BPA free. Also, make sure the model is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel body is easy to clean with a wet cloth. Blenders with buttons are harder to clean, especially if liquid spills around the buttons.

Should you buy The Nutri ninja pro blender?

Ninja is a popular name among kitchen appliances manufacturers, and it is known for making quality blenders. Some of them are better than others, though. I hope that pros and cons will help you make an informed decision.


  • Sleek design, suitable for the majority of kitchens.
  • Powerful enough to handle nuts, solid vegetables and ice.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Easy to clean up.


  1. Noise. If you’re sensitive to noise, this option is not for you because it’s quite loud during operation. If it’s a problem, you should look for pricier but quieter alternatives. Some blenders have protective shields that mask the noise. However, this model is as loud as a regular blender can be. It features 1-year warranty, which is also a con for some people.
  2. You want to be backed with a strong warranty. According to customer reviews, The Nutri ninja pro blender is a reliable model that doesn’t break easily, but all you get is a 1 year warranty. If you want the maximum reliability, you should consider more expensive models.

Most people like the ease of use, and others say that cleaning couldn’t be faster and easier. Those who enjoy an active lifestyle like the portability and light weight of the model. You don’t need to clean many containers because there is only one.

However, not all the reviews of this blender are positive. I found people complain about leaks from the lid that appears after a year or two of regular use. Some people also say that the price is too high for the number of features that you get with this blender and that you can find more affordable but more powerful options. This model isn’t the newest, so there are some more advanced models that come for the same price.

And, of course, I found people who don’t like the amount of noise. I believe it comes from people you never used powerful blenders before and didn’t realize how noisy it can be when 900-watt motors cut through solid foods. Anyway, you should be aware of the noise.

If you’re on a tight budget or just budget-conscious and you’re searching for a basic blander that lets you make soups, sauces, smoothies and dips with perfect consistency, you will enjoy the The Nutri ninja pro blender. It’s powerful, affordable, easy to use and clean, and powerful enough to blend different kinds of food without making a mess. With this blender, you will get the most of your money.

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