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You can see various types of milk frothers at the market which allow you enjoying almost professionally prepared coffee drinks with a stunning foam at home. Start a new day with the best quality! And you are not expected to buy the expensive coffee machine to arrange it! Your home cappuccinos and lattes are possible with Verismo Milk Frother. It is affordable and comfortable appliance providing a stylish appearance in your kitchen – the machine is made of a steel and plastic. The producer guarantees a long-lasting use.

The Advantages of Verismo Milk Frother

  • The appliance whisks any type of milk into a silky creamy foam which maintain for a long time and thus you can broaden your beverage options.
  • You have almost no restrictions in your options for frothing being able to create tasty and perfect beverages at home.
  • The double-wall technology is applied here providing easy maintenance due to a non-stick outer surface.
  • It is washed by hand having a wipe-clean exterior which can be cleaned without immersing into water. Do not apply dishwasher cleaning.
  • It is able both to heat and froth the liquid.
  • Moreover, you can use not only milk but also non-dairy products.
  • It froths very quickly – in just two minutes you will have hot foams or cold-froth for iced beverages.
  • It has auto shut-off and non-stick coating preventing the milk crust.
  • Stylish design with use of metal providing even and fast heat distribution and plastic as an outer coating allowing to hold a frother with bear hands.
  • Automatic switch off helps to prepare milk in time and that is very convenient when you use it often.

How to Use It?

It can either froth or steam milk. To froth you leave the coil attachment on, to steam you take it off.  I just put the coil away in a safe place because I never need just the foam. Besides when you steam milk with the Verismo frother, you still get a little foam anyway (as you can see in the first photo).

You should attach the metal coil properly to froth in optimal way. Now fill a jug with milk or any other alternative but do not exceed the max line which you will see in the form of a mark inside the frother. There is a power button on the body. You should press it and hold for a second if you want to make hot foam and during three seconds if you need cold foam. After use clean the led, frother itself and a metal coil using warm water. You can do it by hand or applying washing machine. After rinsing, dry all the details carefully with a kitchen towel. Do not leave the frother uncleaned as far as the milk that rests in a jug can worsen the quality of the next portion and affect rotating of the whisk and milk temperature. It is important not to submerge the appliance under water and leave it there. All the details you can read in enclosed verismo milk frother manual. Feel like a professional barista with Verismo Milk frother even without special skills and practice!

The Requirements to Milk Foam

The café-style beverages are now available at home and that is true! You do agree that milk foam turns the ordinary coffee into a stunning drink with a particular favor and taste. It should be airy for latte, and dense for cappuccino. So, the features of foam depend on the type of a drink, but anyway it is expected to be stable and left in a cup even when the drink is over. It must be made of milk of high quality and with the best equipment. You should find the balance between smoothness and volume or prefer one feature. We can suggest to try 2% milk, which should provide with a compromise result. With Verismo Milk Frother you can use any milk that exists:

  • Whole milk gives you a soft, creamy foam with a rich taste that is evidently thicker compared to the skim milk foam.
  • Skim milk produces a larger quantity of foam with mild taste compared to the above kind. Here you will see the larger bubbles and firmer consistency but in some time the foam becomes dry and disappears.
  • Calcium-enriched milk is characterized with a lot of milk minerals and proteins that is why it froths easily and can be a material addition to your diet.
  • The milk sold in the Tetra Packs is sterilized under very high temperatures and this feature improves the frothing properties causing a huge amount of dense foam lasting very long.
  • Lactose-free milk with a high protein content which is a reason for a great volume of foam characterized by tiny bubbles.
  • If all the above examples are the versions of cow’s milk, now we should mention goat’s or sheep’s milk. Indeed, the producer is not so important if the level of protein is enough, milk will froth nicely.
  • Soy milk also can be used to create a firm foam, but with a rather low stability. Though, you can find the brands designed in particular for coffee shops providing more stable foam.
  • Almond milk forms a very pleasant long-lasting foam and has an advantage – it is safe for people suffering from milk allergy.

About the Brand

If you look for more information about the producer, you will find out that Verismo is revealed by Starbucks. This is an American corporation founded in 1971 specialized on coffee and everything connected with it: beans, locations serving perfect beverages, machines and various systems. Since the very beginning it has been expanded throughout the world. In 2012 the company launched a line of coffee makers known as Starbucks Verismo operating with coffee capsules. It produces milk frothers, which are marketed separately from the system in order to prepare cappuccinos and lattes. They froth quickly, can be cleaned easily and are in great demand.


Now you are able to create a perfect stable foam of any milk to make your favorite beverages using a Verismo milk frother. It consists of a vessel, lid, whisk, holder, base and on/off button. Be sure that all the components are operable and fault-free. If a core or any other detail is damaged do not plug in the appliance. Never lift a lid of the vessel, when the frother is operating as far as, if the content is hot, it may hurt you splashing out around. Before cleaning the appliance, you should unplug it and let it cool if there is a need in it. Use only those accessories which are allowed by the manufacturer. When the foam is ready you should not take it out with a metal spoon.

In order to start operation, put the power plug into an outlet, open the vessel removing a lid, pour some milk into it, then place the whisk onto the holder. Close the vessel with a lid and press the button holding it during a second if you are going to create hot foam and during three seconds for cold foam. Let the button off remove a whisk. The foam is ready! You should not use an abrasive for cleaning a vessel, just wipe it with we cloth and dry a frother. Do not use a dishwasher. Is your verismo milk frother not working? Keep calm and be sure that this is a failure, because some reactions are normal. For example, the milk can be not very hot and not all amount of it can be frothed. Ensure that you do not fill in the milk pitcher beyond the maximum mark and place the lid properly otherwise the frother refuses to froth. There are other reasons for the situation when the appliance does not operate even if an “on” indicator flashes. The point is that there is a temperature limiter which stops the aggregate until the milk jug is of the needed temperature only then you can continue frothing.

Comparison to the Analogues

In order to understand how beneficial this frother, take a look at the best alternatives at the market.

  1. Probably the best milk frother is Breville Milk Café considered to be of the prime category with stunning design. It is equipped with a jug made of stainless steel. You can set the temperature you want to apply to heat your milk. The available scale is from cold to 700 C. Moreover, there is an option of choosing the quality and quantity of foam using two special disks. It is easy to achieve a smooth or dense foam. The jug can be taken out of the base. Every detail is dishwasher safe. In general, the appliance is ergonomic and developed for ease of use. You appreciate the easy pouring due to convenient form of a spout, also it is possible to add any ingredients when frothing because there is a hole in the lid. It must be cleaned after every use thoroughly.
  2. The Nespresso takes the second place in this rate being also the premium product and as a result rather expensive. But the quality is also rather good. There are useful options like a choice of density of the foam, cold or heat frothing – and all that at half the price of the Breville. It is user-friendly. You can switch on the appliance just pressing a button. It is less customized. For example, you count only on one temperature of milk of about 60-65 degrees C. It is also not intended for cleaning in a dishwasher.
  3. Kickstart your day with a cup of coffee drink with a milk foam made by an aggregate of highly-recommended brand Starbucks – extremely popular with coffee funs. The minimalist design is balanced out with a complete convenience of usage. It has the edge when we speak about price. This is a barista-level frother. You can adjust heat setting and count on a quick frothing time. It will best match your expectations and budget.
  4. Epica Automatic is another machine worth of your attention which is cheaper but at the expense of quality. Perhaps here you will not find a lot of options but frothing itself is perfect! You can compare it with Nespress – the capacity is the same. It is made of stainless steel which provides a user with wear resistance. The Epica is the best budget choice. It consists of a motorized whisk placed on the bottom of a jug. The heating is available.

You can try any of them but Starbucks lovers will definitely prefer Verismo, perhaps it does make sense to follow the lead.

How to Make the Best Foam?

So when you choose the right milk frother and that is of course Verisimo, you should consider other factors influencing the quality of foam. First of all, we speak about the milk. You can take any of those which we have mentioned before but remember that silky creamy topping is possible when you understand the process. Thus the cold skim milk is whisked better and faster compared to warm and whole one. The protein provides a dense foam and by the way it can be a good sauce of calcium that is why your coffee just cannot do without that addition.

Do not think for a long time and choose Verisimo Milk Frother if you want to have a professional cappuccino at home. You can find out the current prices as well as the details of its construction here. This thing will be useful in your kitchen and it saves your money as far as you do not have to buy the expensive coffee machine and it contributes to your health because you can refuse sugar in coffee replacing it with milk sugar – lactose. Improve the taste of your coffee.


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