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The non-stick pans are ones of the most popular kitchenware of everyday use. There is no need to scrape the food remainders off the pots and eat burnt meal. You can prepare foods and clean the vessels just within several minutes. Tefal delivers all the needed properties to make cooking exciting.

What do we know about Tefal?

In 1954, Marc Grégoire brought to life the idea of his own wife to cover the pans with Teflon. Nobody expected such a result, which was a start for new era in cookware production. That was a breakthrough! In 1956 the production of non-stick frying pans was launched to make life of all people in the world easier.

Tefal improves the environment providing the meaningful progress. The company has been developing since the very beginning till now. This is the process without the end. Tefal offers various solutions including household appliance. The non-stick coating is used even for irons. The priorities of this brand include production in accordance with ethical principles being focused on the suppliers. It does its best to help businesses, various association to grow. Respecting people this company succeeds in meeting the requirements of the consumers. It takes part in public debates and speaks openly about nutrition and health. It understands the market’s demands which are health and safety, corresponds to the current demands and manufactures the products of high quality allowing a healthy and convenient cooking. Its main factory is located in France and produces 45 million items every year. The company continues improving quality continuously, reduces ecological impacts being eco-responsible.

Peculiarities of Tefal

The manufacturing technicians of the company understand that nutrition is not only foods and the way they are mixed. Cooking is very important. What tools are used, which materials are they made of, what temperature is available and so on? Preparing meal is a part of people’s life, which should be easy, quick, and pleasant. That’s the idea of Tefal. They provide the cookware for healthy cooking, understanding what it means. You can preserve the nutritional values, taste, and flavors of the products when you cook them in Tefal vessels. You should add the convenience of appliance possible because of ergonomically-designed items. You are able to refuse oil preparing food in Tefal pans, keep control under temperature you need and provide perfectly cooked meals with well-preserved values.

The heat is distributed evenly and the vessels are heated fast allowing you to save energy and time. The unique patented Thermo-Spot technology is perfect to start cooking in the right moment without overheating the empty pan. In addition Tefal vessels are durable and exceptionally resistant. The modern non-stick coatings are free of toxic acids and can be applied without any concerns but in accordance with the instructions.


Tefal designs the products providing the consumers with tools for preparation of great meals. Besides the company contributes a lot to the protection of the planet being involved in the processes aimed at ecological safety. There are a lot of products completely recyclable in its assortment. In 2010 the particular eco-responsible policy was initiated. The Natura line was launched produced of 100% recycled aluminum. Another product is Enjoy representing spatulas which are also manufacturer of 95% recycled material. There are a wide range of eco-responsible products including the bakeware set made of 100% recycled aluminum allowing to save the energy as far as heating of this items requires 95% less energy compared to regular aluminum. Such attitude helps to protect the world reserves of aluminum and the consumers get perfect results like fast temperature rise and even heat distribution – all the particular properties of classical material.

When should you use it?

Non-stick properties are needed when you prepare products, which stick easily. Among them there are eggs and crepes but without restriction. Usually we prefer these dishes for breakfast when the time is short and we want the meal be ready almost immediately. Thus, in a hurry we can burn the foods placing the pan over too high heat. In this case it is more difficult to control the temperature when using the usual vessels. Tefal suggests the simple way to cook quickly and with high quality without need to increase the heat and thus without burning. This is the necessary item in the kitchen. You can buy nonstick cookware for roasting, baking, or stewing. But the pans with such coating are not used for preparing thick sauces or frying steak over the high heat.


Tefal always develops new solutions and one of the most actual innovations is Thermo-Spot technology! It is known the non-stick pans should not be overheated when they are empty. Usually when you cook the foods should be put in a pan when it is hot, but the producer of Tefal recommends avoiding preheating for too long. In order to determine that very moment, it develops thermo-spot feature. This is an indicator showing when a pan is ready to cook. This is a circle in the center of a pan which gets red as soon as the perfect cooking temperature is achieved. When a pan is cool, this spot is hardly seen. When the pan is heated enough, the spot changes color to red. You can enjoy the safe cooking experience.

The five best T-fal cookware sets

T-fal E765SH Ultimate Anti-Warp Base Cookware Set

Now all the most useful features are available. This set consists of 17 items made of hard anodized aluminum and covered with particular titanium nonstick coating. There is a thermos-spot here. The items are dishwasher safe. You can be sure of its safety as far as the materials used for this cookware are PFOA Free. The construction is durable and cooking surface is scratch resistant. You can choose almost any heat source including electric, gas, ceramic or halogen stove. Hard Titanium nonstick coating provides for the long performance. The handles are riveted and covered with silicone for more convenient grip. The pans are made with the base which is not deformed in due course. The manufacturer offers lifetime limited warranty

T-fal E760SC Performa Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This set is made of stainless steel of premium quality and consists of 12 pieces among which there are fry pans, saucepans, Dutch Oven, lids and measuring spoons. All of the items have techno release interior providing easy release of the foods, though this is not a nonstick coating. You can clean them without any efforts. The set is durable and remain beautiful for the whole lifetime. The items can be cleaned in a dishwasher and used in oven at the temperature of 5000F.

T-fal C530SC Signature Nonstick Expert Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Black

The set is available in some colors including elegant black. It is made of heavy-gauge aluminum that provides even and quickly heating. There is a Thermo-Spot indicator which helps to preheat a pan in a proper way. The nonstick interior allows cooking without fat and over the low heat. It is PFOA, lead, and cadmium free. You will enjoy applying the set due to ergonomic construction and heat-resistant handles. The pans are completed with tempered glass lids. The set can be used on electric, gas, ceramic, and halogen stoves.

T-fal B165SI Initiatives Nonstick Inside and Out Cookware Set

The set of 18 items includes anything you need for cooking under any conditions. The cookware is washed in a dishwasher but as usual you’d better do it by hand to continue the shelf life of pans. The nonstick coating is PFOA free and easy to clean up. It is durable enough and is available for oven at temperature up to 350.F. The items are with the patented Thermo-Spot showing the perfect time for start of cooking. Here you find a square griddle pan. You can buy it in bright red.

T-fal E938SA Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Black

The set is characterized with Prometal Pro nonstick interior. The coating is very durable. You can hardly scratch it with metal utensils. Of course, you can enjoy the Thermo-spot heat indicator and riveted silicone handles which provide convenient grip. You can clean the items in a dishwasher and use them for cooking in oven. In general the pans are good for cooking in any method. They suit induction stoves. In this case a superior non-stick surface is not PFOA free, but if all the recommendations of a manufacturer are complied with, the set is completely safe.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of non-stick Tefal coatings

  • The interior is easily washed with soapy water without efforts and the process does not take a lot of time.
  • When the items are used in accordance with the correspondent instructions they are non-stick for a guaranteed period of time.
  • The base of Tefal cookware is usually made of anodized aluminum and has light weight that is convenient to use.
  • Some sets of Tefal are allowed to be used in the oven at rather high heat.

But the useful features are added with a range of drawbacks:

  • The nonstick surface is rather sensitive and even if the producer determines it as scratch resistant one, you’d better avoid using metallic utensils.
  • The pans can leave chips of Teflon in the food after some time of improper use.
  • The user should prevent the pans from too long preheating or overheating an empty pan. To help with it there is thermos-spot.
  • Some non-stick coatings are not PFOA free and this chemical can produce toxic fumes.

Summarizing options

If we regard body material, we should say that the producer prefers hard anodized aluminum, which is probably the best heat distributors, maintaining heat being corrosion and abrasion resistant. It is light and has almost no restrictions. The vessels made of this material are durable and rather tough. Moreover though they are not considered as non-stick but the hard anodized aluminum can boast of such property. There are also sets made of stainless steel which has a high resistance to corrosion and scratching. It is durable and stylish when polished or brushed, The cookware made of it look like professional one.

The base of the pans can be an impact bonded one with use of aluminum and stainless steel being suitable on all stoves or a stainless steel stamped base being a combination of stainless steel and heavy gauge aluminum – perfect solution for even heat distribution. There are also armatel base with a warping stainless steel disc and thermo-conductive base with copper. The interior coatings are Tefal patented and allow cooking without oil.  There are the resist coating consisting of four layers, expert pro made of six layers with a aew ceramic hard base for protecting from scratches, and a non-stick finish coating, and prometal pro consisting of six layers and non-stick finish layer reinforced with sapphire stoned minerals making it even more durable. And one more interior coating the Longlide one which consists of four layers.

Also the handles are worth noticing. They can be made of stainless steel, bakelite (particular plastic) or covered with silicon. The handles can be welded or riveted. There are also items with standard handles attached to a vessel wit screws.

The assortment of Tefal is safe and much wider than we have suggested in this article. You can find out more about it right here and choose whatever you want.

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