Should you buy Wilton nonstick 12 cavity mini donut pan?

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Fresh, deep-fried donuts are as delicious as they are unhealthy. Fortunately, there is a way to make this tasty treat healthier by using specialized tools and cooking donuts in the oven. Baked donuts are very fluffy and light, but they contain much less fat and oils. Once you done cooking them, you can top each donut with caramel, sugar or anything you like. Wilton claims that their mini donut pan is your best tool for making homemade donuts. In this article, we will see if you really need it.

The main features

You can easily create many donuts at once for parties, brunches and big crowds. The pan features a nonstick surface for quick clean up and easy release of your donuts. It comes with recipe ideas and simple instructions. Other features include:

  • 12 cavities to make 12 donuts at a time
  • freezer and oven safe
  • Teflon nonstick surface
  • Comes with a recipe book and simple tips and tricks for making the perfect donuts
  • 10-year warranty
  • The main material is the cold rolled steel

What I think of Wilton mini donut pan

Wilton is a big company that makes bakeware of all colors, sized and shapes, so it’s no surprise they have a mini-donut pan. This sturdy pan can make 12 little donuts at a time; they all will have the same shape and size. Cooking requires no time at all because the donuts are small. When they’re ready, they just slide off the pan onto the cooling rack where you can top them with anything you like. Recipe book gives you ideas for toppings and decorations. Baked by a warranty, I think this pan will last for years. I expect it to last for at least 10 years with the right care. The company also has smaller mini donut pans, regular pan, and candy-cane shaped pan. They all feature quality materials and nonstick surfaces.

I don’t need many donut pans, so just this one Wilton pan has everything I need. My kids prefer smaller donuts and I can’t blame them. 12 pieces is just enough to feed the whole family, and if I buy the dough in the store, I only need 15 minutes to make delicious treats. The pan is made of heavy steel that heats quickly and evenly, and it’s coated with a nonstick coating. My donuts just slide right off. The manufacturer says the pan is dishwasher safe but I prefer to clean it with a cloth. One wipe with wet cloth and my pan is clean.

The donut test

I followed the recipe that I found in the book and in less than an hour I had almost 50 cute donuts. I choose cinnamon donuts for their delicious smell and savory taste and I had easy and quick baked goods to bring in and enjoy with my family. It was really easy, I’m sure everyone can follow the recipe. I think they are as good as fried donuts but much healthier. And my kitchen smelled great!

I have baked the donuts before without the pan. I just took the dough, rolled it into small circles and placed them on a baking sheet. They were tasty as well, but they all looked differently and cooked longer. A pan holds the dough shape as it cooks and makes prettier donuts. You can also use your own dough to make unusual donuts, such as muffin batter or cake batter, which isn’t possible with a baking sheet. The batter won’t hold the shape without the donut pan.

Compared to other kitchen gadget, this pan is quite affordable. You can find it for $11, and for this price you get a nonstick pan with a 10-year warranty that allows you to make delicious donuts in no time at all.

How to make perfect donuts in the Wilton donut pan

Recipe book that comes with this donut pan allows you to make a stiff batter and get delicious donuts. Over time, though, you will want to try something new, but I can’t recommend using liquid cake batter in this pan, as it will rise over the top. Thick batter will rise up just perfectly and give you a perfect donut shape. When you pull the donuts out, they will all have equal sizes and shapes.

Follow the recommended baking time in the book but check the donuts for readiness a minutes before the time is up. Donut batter can get dry, so you want to have moist dough attached to a wooden toothpick after poking into the donut center. If your donuts feel dry, use cream cheese or a glaze with butter to add moisture. Milk and water glaze will make donuts drier. Large donuts require around 20 minutes to make, and mini donuts get ready in 10 minutes. Baking times significantly vary depending on the recipe and dough.

If you want your baked donuts to taste like their fried counterparts, you should brush each donut with melted butter and roll it in sugar after baking. The mixture will make a crisp that will taste and feel like a fried donut. And you will get a new flavor! Experiment with the amount of sugar and butter to see how you like your donuts. You can even use spices sugars for a unique donut flavor.

The scrumptious and yummy taste of homemade donuts is loved by children and adults. They are one of the easiest baked foods to make at home. No special skills or knowledge required! You can cook dozens of donuts in less than an hour and then clean up only one pan. Donuts cool down quickly and then they’re ready to serve.

If you love donuts but healthy concerns you, a great solution would be to get a donut pan. Wilton nonstick 12 cavity mini donut pan is a sturdy option that lasts forever and comes with a recipe book to give you ideas and cooking tips. Check it out and make your donuts with perfection.

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