Should you buy Pyrex Simply Store Set?

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Preparing the food right isn’t enough; you should have a sturdy container to preserve it fresh and delicious. Whether you need to preserve leftovers or store foods that you have cooked, a good container is crucial to safe its nutrition and freshness. Most people choose plastic containers because it’s cheap, but in fact it is false economy. If you want your food to be fresh and healthy, you should choose glass containers.

Glass containers are the best food containers and they beat plastic in all ways. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or your own health, glass containers are safer and better. They not only look nice but have the ability to improve the flavor of food, keep it nutritious and are easy to serve and clean. This is one of the main reasons mane cookware brands have glass containers. However, not every brand produces high-quality containers. So for your convenience, we will have a closer look at Pyrex Simply Store Set.

The most obvious thing about the set is its vibrant rainbow colors that can be a statement on their own. With the set, you will certainly make an impact in your kitchen. They can go from the fridge into the oven, but the company manufacturer warns you about the thermal shock: a sudden change in temperatures that breaks the glass.

In case you need many different containers of various sizes, consider the Pyrex Simply Store Set. It’s accessible in several options and features many rectangular and round containers. Sizes go from 1 little glass to huge 7-container options.

When I warmed up my food in the microwave, I found that the bowls don’t get hot like some other containers. It’s one of the glass properties to get hot under high temperatures. These bowls get warm as well, but you don’t need oven mitts or a towel to remove them from the microwave. The glass doesn’t transfer heat to your hands.

When I opened the package and saw the smallest bowls I thought I would never use them. However, I even use the tiniest bowl, and I need it every week. The small bowls are perfect for storing separate veggies and fruits such as onions and apples that you’ve only taken a little piece off. The little one is perfect for sauces and dips.

The leads that come with the bowls fit tightly and there is no smell escaping into your fridge. Unlike plastic storage bowls that can’t seal tightly, the glass bowls preserve the smell. Even though smaller bowls are an unusual purchase for me, as it turns out I need them to store leftovers, vegetables and fruits. And the bowls aren’t as small as I thought they were going to be.

Every container has a separate glass lid that you can use in the microwave as well. The set is dishwasher and cooler safe. You can also use them to cook food in a preheated stove. They don’t use or change colors, lose shape or become smelly. The lids can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

The main benefits:

  • The set has bowls of different shape and size.
  • Features high-quality glass.
  • The containers won’t change colors or keep odors.

The weak points:

  • Lids can’t be used in a freezer, only in the fridge.
  • Some people claim that the lids crack over time.

Plastic or Glass?

This is not a choice to make. The only advantage of plastic containers is their affordable price, but they’re actually bad for your health. Plastic containers come in different shapes and sizes and have lids that just snap on. The pricier ones have latches. Plastic is a durable material that doesn’t break or chip. Modern material can be used in a microwave and BPA-free. Not all the material has a good quality, so you should always read the description to see what it can’t do. The big disadvantage of plastic is that it can stain. With time, odors will cling to it and transfer to your freezer. It can melt or warp.

Glass is a great choice when you don’t want to worry about your health and need something environment-friendly and BPA-free. This material is freezer-, oven-, dishwasher, refrigerator-, and microwave-safe. Glass is more durable than plastic and lasts much longer with proper care. However, the containers can chip and break if you don’t care for them. Some of these have plastic lids that may not be BPA-free.

Size, Shape, and Stackability

A good set of containers will features a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide you maximum versatility in everything you want to store. You need a big container for a stew, but leftover vegetables in a big container will take too much space. Liquids are stored best in round containers because you can stir them easily right in the container. Square and rectangular containers are best for small kitchen and limited storage space. Dry foods are stored in upright containers that allow you to save a lot of space on the shelf or the counter. You will always see what’s inside every container.

You should make sure the set has good stackability because you can maximize available space. Make sure that containers have ridges near the led edges. This will keep container on top of each other. They won’t topple over.

Type of Lid

There are two main types of the lids on the market. Some have rubber seals and latches and others just snap right on. The second option is easier to work with, usually having a tab that you lift. Some lids feature a technology that allows you to snap on to the container and make sure the lid won’t get lost. Pyrex Simply Store Set feature lids that have rubber seals that don’t let the smells escape the container.

The second popular type of the lead features a double seal and additional latches on all 4 sides of the container. These are completely watertight and airtight. These containers are great for traveling and moving them around the kitchen because they keep food perfectly fresh and nutritious for a long time while being completely leak-proof. However, these lids usually cost more. The rubber seal can collect gunk if you don’t carefully clean it. Moreover, they’re harder to open, for example, if you want your child to place a container in the microwave.

Everyone has leftovers nowadays, so we all have to think of a way to store them. Our grandparents used reused plastic packaging and Tupperware bowls and stores leftovers in cheese containers and margarine tubs.

What our grandparents didn’t know is that plastic isn’t the best material for containers and storing food. They are very cheap, don’t break easily and come in all possible sizes, but using this king of storage can be bad for your health. Plastic also compromise the quality of food.

Pyrex is a reputable brand that makes quality glass containers. I personally think they are great for the price. The containers come in different sizes and everyone can find something for their needs. Snap-on lids keep everything nutritious and delicious.

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