Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls Recipes

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Rhodes Rolls

Rhodes dough is splendid, indeed! It is usually divided by the producer into the parts resembling the rolls and looks like dough balls. The main meal is very important but there is nothing more essential as good bread served for dinner. The small and appetizing rolls can be used as the start of the meal with butter and as an additional component of it.

Trying one of the best rhodes frozen dinner rolls recipes, you’ll get a chance to estimate how delicious they may be. You can hardly make the homemade dough, which will be better than they taste! They are soft and delicious being a great addition to your dinner. Your kitchen will be full of with home-baked flavor and that will please everyone. You can use different recipes and the same dough can be embodied in completely new variants. In general, there is a wide choice of dough: white, wheat, sweet, with cinamon and even intended for pizza.

Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls Recipes

This time we introduce you the simplest dish ever! Rhodes for rolls, which can become a tradition, if you decide. Just find the Rhodes dough in your store and bring it home. All that you have to do is to follow the instruction and you’ll cook the best ever bread for your dinner.

Course Lunch & dinner
Cuisine Greek
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 1200 kcal


  • 1 Rhodes frozen roll dough
  • 1 muffin tin
  • 1 Pam spray


  1. If you buy the frozen roll dough, you should refrigerate it overnight.

  2. Defrosted dough will be of needed size by the time you are ready to bake the rolls.

  3. Take a muffin tin and spay it making greasy, thus you prevent the future rolls from sticking.

  4. Now take the formed rolls out of the bag and place two of them at once in each section of muffin tin.

  5. The tops of the rolls should also sprayed with oil. You can use a brush to grease the tin and the dough but spray copes with the tasks faster.

  6. Cover the raw rolls with a plastic wrap and put them in a refrigerator for 10 hours approximately.

  7. Take the dough out at determined time and if it is not too fluffy, leave it to rise for an additional hour but now just on counter.

  8. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 3500F.

  9. Put the fluffy muffin tin into it.

  10. Bake the rolls during 15 mins. The tops should become golden brown.

  11. When you feel that fantastic smell of baking bread, you can start counting seconds before the end of cooking.

  12. Serve warm or cold with honey, butter or jelly.

Recipe Notes

These are really simple and very tasty rolls that is possible due to professional dough of high quality. You’ll never fail with Rhodes. Just thaw, rise and bake.


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