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It seems that it is so easy to choose a spoon or ladle. But in actual practice you can run against difficulties trying to understand, which material is better, what design is more convenient and how many pieces you need in your kitchen. To cope with all that staff, you should understand the difference or just trust in a reputable brand, which will think of every point instead. And of course Rachael Ray is one of those popular producers, which put its heart and soul into every item producing beautiful and ergonomic goods for kitchen and home. Here you’ll find the so called lazy spoons, which are easy to use and keep nearby when cooking.

Spoon Is a Must

As we said a spoon has been the most frequently used and required utility since the ancient times. It served like a ladle, stirring or mixing tool, religious piece or even as a mark of wealth of an owner. Nowadays there are a range of particular spoons dedicated to special tasks. You can choose a tool for various meal: soup, dessert, coffee. It is easy to measure the products with it. In general, you can find about fifty variants of spoons but still the most common its use is to eat or stir soup or other liquid food. As to other functions there are fruit, slotted, caddy, caviar, and mustard spoons. All of them have unique design and size.

As to the material chosen for this utensil, the producers also offer diversity. The most durable and serviceable are made of stainless steel allowing to forget about any restrictions but one – concerning the non-stick surfaces of pans. You can use such spoons for years and pass down them to your future generations. The most natural and authentic is a wooden spoon. This material has so many advantages that its service life being not so long compared to the metal ones is totally compensated. Definitely its stunning look, soft touch and healthy effect cannot be overestimated. You can use it both for hot and cold temperatures with any pans and pots. They are washed by hand without problems and very comfortable to apply due to a strong ergonomic handle and light weight. To extend the offer you can regard plastic or silicon tools, which are characterized by a relatively low price and bright colors being rather comfortable and suitable to any surfaces of dishes. You can regard the variants where various materials are combined.

Who is Rachael Ray?

The brand Rachael Ray is named after an American business woman being a celebrity chef and television personality. She prefers easy cooking style that is why launches the cook- and kitchenware full of extremely ergonomic tools including spoons and ladles. She hosted cooking TV shows sharing her recipes and attitude to meal, try to empower people to build healthy relationships with food. She has a lifestyle magazine and its own collections of accessories and furniture for home. On her website you can find cooking and baking tools, which are comfortable, durable, and practical having clever design. You will enjoy cooking with all those gadgets having sturdy construction and perfect handles. They are easy to use and to clean. You can say that they take care of themselves!

Description of the Goods

Now we want to present a Rachael Ray lazy spoon and ladle set, which is produced by such a popular manufacturer that you can believe in its quality. Here you will have two lazy spoons and a lazy ladle in bright colors. The pieces are made of high-grade silicone. The handle is very comfortable with notches which allow perching a spoon on a rim of a pan. The spoons are ideal for stirring or mixing thick sauce, and the unique notched handle will help to keep this tool always within reach and at the same time secured being attached to the sides of a pan. You can use them under extreme conditions even for skimming fat off the meat stock as far as they are able survive almost any heat. The material is able to withstand temperature up to 500 degrees F. Every item can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It is recommended to dry them thoroughly. The producer provides limited lifetime warranty.

There are also wooden lazy spoons by this brand, which are fine grained so that every place of a utensil is smooth. In general, the wooden spoons are the choice of those who like versatility. They can be used with any type of cookware without risk to damage the inner surface, and at that they are neutral towards acidic foods and do not change the taste of meal. You can count on them and stir confidently as far as the wooden spoons are strong and do not break under the pressure. It is safe to grip a wooden ladle right out of a pan with boiling food. The wood does not conduct heat and will not burn a hand like a metal one while the plastic can even melt being heated. Another benefit is that this material does not impact on cooking temperature and will not interfere in the process. Being safe it will never cause allergy or other health conditions. You can find various wooden spoons of stunning design within the assortment. They are stylish and ergonomic.


  • The utilities are developed by a professional chef with love and care. Every detail is reasoned out in order to make cooking efficient, fast and convenient.
  • The design is extremely ergonomic making many process much easier. The lazy construction solves several tasks at a clip.
  • And bright colors are able to put everyone in a cheerful frame of mind and provide happy cooking.
  • Only high quality material is used for manufacturing. It is safe, eco-friendly and wear resistible.
  • Taking into account a huge assortment of goods, you can equip your kitchen almost with anything of one brand and as a result of one high quality.
  • Buying the utensils of this brand you come in contact with a popular person known all over the country, a successful woman which has managed to become loved by millions due to her energy and positive life position.

If you are fond of cooking, you’ll appreciate Rachael Ray utensils and you’ll certainly choose something special and helpful for you. Here you can look through the assortment and understand what you need right now.

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