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The risotto spoon is a separate matter. Are you surprised? There are really points to discuss. This unique invention is the must in your kitchen if you like Italian cuisine and try to diverse your home menu with new delicious recipes.

We’ll speak about the dish itself, the tool, which was invented in particular for cooking this marvelous food, and the advantages of wooden material which is probably the best one for kitchen utensils.

Some Facts You Should Know About Risotto

For sure you know that risotto is a dish consisting of rice and spices. But the zest of it is a cooking technology which demands special skills.

Tip:There are several recipes but the principle is the same: you should strew rice in a large quantity of broth or water stirring it all the time in order to achieve the silky consistency.

You are allowed to take any broth made of meat or vegetables. Some cooks add some white wine in it, the other prefer fish broth. The additional ingredients also depend on the taste preferences. You can put into a pan with rice saffron, onion or chees like parmesan.

The risotto is served on its own and never as garnish. The most important secret of this dish is a constant care.You cannot leave it over the heat even for a couple of minutes. The rice must not boil, become dry.

  • So, firstly you put some olive oil and onion in a frying pan and place it over a medium heat to become soft.
  • Then you add rice and cook it in this oil for a minute in order every grain get coated in oil.
  • Add small amount of broth or white wine and stew the rice into it adding more liquid when it looks to vapor.
  • You should not stop stirring the mixture. Gradually the mass become smooth and silky.
  • When the rice is cooked, the frying pan is removed from the oven and the butter together with parmesan is added to reach a very smooth consistency. As a result, it has a rich creamy taste being very special despite of being made of so regular products.
Remember:Now you understand that continuous stirring is the most important part of cooking process here, that is why the tool which will be used for this operation does matter.

Factors Influencing the Risotto

  • Rice. Yes, you can take any sort but you will not get the needed density of it. There is special rice suited this dish with slightly elongated grains. You will find it in any supermarket. Its peculiarity is a high content of starch which provides the needed creaminess and pronounced flavor. Mind that the rice is not washed before cooking.
  • Base. This is a contradictory moment but still the traditional recipe supposes that first you fry some garlic and onion in olive oil and only then add rice in this base.
  • Cooking process. The chefs recommend to cook risotto for about 13 minutes. It means that all that time a rice is heated over a low heat and stirred with a spoon. At the end you should get the right consistency when the mass moves down a spoon slowly.
  • Spoon. Just imagine: you are standing at the oven and stirring your risotto for almost a quarter of hour! Of course, it is tiresome. In order to ease the process, you should have a convenient tool with a long handle and light weight.

Requirements to Risotto Spoon

So, what exactly is a risotto spoon? There are some of them. You will find a regular utensil with a long thin handle, which is not too strong because you are not expected to apply force to stirring. You’d better exclude rough treatment.

The bowl can be of shape resembling a boat with pointed end. This is a simple and elegant component for any kitchen. Though, the modern versions of this utensil differ fundamentally from this usual sample.

The producers suggest to use a spoon with a rather large hole made in a bowl. Thus the cooking process becomes more efficient due to more intensive stirring or even mixing which is necessary for creation of creamy consistency. Whatever version you choose, a spoon should be felt easy to hold, and risotto wooden spoon is preferable.

Why Wood?

  • Wooden utensils are the safest and eco-friendly.
  • They do not contain any chemicals and do not leach harmful things into the meal.
  • Another important moment the wood does not change the temperature of cooking foods and you will follow the recipe without surprises.
  • The wooden tools can be used with all kinds of cookware including fragile and non-stick.
  • The soft edges of spoon will not damage the coating inside a pan.
  • Though, they are not as everlasting as a spoons made of stainless steel, but still their construction is strong and can stand intensive use with pressure.
  • Tip:This kind of spoon is also helpful when cooking sauces and cream soups. So, you can save your money, buying it not only for one dish.
  • As far as wood does not conduct heat you will never burn your fingers.
  • In addition, the soft material allows creating different forms that improves the design diversity.

What to Buy?

Brand Model Material Rating Check
AramediA Wooden Cooking Utensil Olive Wood Risotto Spoon olive wood
BeldiNest Olive Wood Risotto Spoon olive wood
Naturally Med Naturally Med Olive Wood Risotto Spoon olive wood
Wooden Cooking Utensil Olive Wood Risotto Spoon
Materialolive wood
Olive Wood Risotto Spoon
Materialolive wood
BrandNaturally Med
Naturally Med Olive Wood Risotto Spoon
Materialolive wood

AramediA risotto spoon

AramediA risotto spoon made of bamboo. It is produced with a hole. The brand is Bethlehem Artisans which is well reputed. Being a handmade item it is light and durable. Solid and organic wood is finely processed and looks very smooth and stylish. You can wash it by hand with warm water. It does not absorb smell that is why you can cook risotto in accordance with various recipes.

Good quality
Light and durable
Hole makes it easy to stir noodles or soup
Does not absorb smell
It is not recommended to wash in dishwasher

Olive wood risotto spoon by BeldiNest

Risotto spoon by BeldiNest is made of a single piece of wood with carving handle and bowl without a hole. It is stylish but you will not be able to aid mixing. Here the manufacturer uses the wood of the olive.

Hole makes it easy to stir noodles or soup
Does not absorb smell
It is not recommended to wash in dishwasher

Risotto spoon by Naturally Med

Naturally Med wood risotto spoon made of olive specially for cooking of this foods. During stirring the rice passes through a risotto spoon hole and becomes even a smoother. This tool is heat resistant, and does not damage a non-stick pan.

Hole makes it easy to stir noodles or soup
Is just right for a variety of pan shapes
Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwashers
Handle is short

So if you have a right spoon, you’ll make an excellent risotto for sure! In addition, you will need plenty of desire, traditional recipe, high-grade ingredients, chosen just for this purpose and once again tools, which can be found here.

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