Polar insulated water bottle review

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It’s always a good idea to have an insulated bottle that can keep cold drinks cold on a summer day and hot beverages hot on a winter day. The Polar insulated water bottle claims that your ice cubes will stay solid for many hours even during the hottest summer days.

Half-twist lid cap

I first wanted to see how the insulation works because I like drinking ice water. I couldn’t wait to test it, so I opened my new bottle and hand washed it. While washing it, I saw the inside of the bottle has little dimples around the inner surface. I suppose it should increase the insulating properties of the bottle and allows it to have more liquid. Looks like a good addition.

The next obvious thing is the lid that has a unique design with a gasket that should keep the liquids inside. The gasket is made of quality silicone and has a patented Half-twist technology: the lid is very easy to open and you don’t need to apply much force, but you can also easily seal it tightly to prevent leaks. Of course, this increases the price of the bottle, so it’s a bit on the pricier side.

The technology really works well – even if you fill the bottle to maximum, you won’t get any leakage from the bottle. However, if you keep inverting it, shaking and tossing needlessly, it will inevitable leak.

Insulation properties of the Polar insulated water bottle

After using the bottle for a couple of weeks, I filled it with cold water and went outside during the summer day to check the insulation properties. I was outside for around 6 hours, half of which were in sunlight. When I came back home, my ice had melted but the water was really cold (almost like I took it from the freezer).

The insulating properties are quite impressive. It isn’t the best insulation I’ve ever seen because some stainless steel bottles can keep water ice cold for 12 hours or more, but then the Polar bottle is much less expensive than those fancy bottles. It performs great for a bottle in this price range – 6 hours on a hot summer day is quite impressive, and I’m sure it would stay cold longer if I needed it. The water still feels refreshing, cold and pure. I didn’t feel any metal after taste.

The main features of the Polar insulated water bottle

The lid

The company says the valve is designed for the on-the-go drinking which sounds fancy and feels like marketing speak to me. However, the bottle doesn’t leak and you can really drink your beverage on the go, which is just as claimed. I don’t know if the lid is much better than other leak-proof lids in the market, but it does the job well. If you want to add ice or berries, you can screw off the lid.


The bottle is designed for people with an active lifestyle. It’s made of tough plastic that is flexible enough to ensure convenient hold on the go. It should be crush-proof as well, which is good when you’re on the road. You can easily destroy your bottle if you take a sharp knife, but other than that it’s completely crush-proof. And it won’t dent like a stainless steel bottle.


The comfort and feel of the insulated bottle offers an impressive level of comfort. It has grooves where you need it and fits your hand nicely. I had the 24-ounce version and the size of the bottle is just right for me. If you just got your bottle, it will take a bit of time to learn the right touch.

When you want to drink, you need to hold it at the right spot. The only problem is that the spot where you usually hold the bottle isn’t the same that you need to squeeze. There are special dents on the bottle that are designed for your fingers. And this is not where you need to grab it! You should hold it a bit lower than that.

The drawbacks of the Polar insulated water bottle

The main problem that I could find is that if you keep it on your bike, you need to hold it by the top to remove it from the bike cage, then place your hand on the right spot and then drink. When you squeeze the bottle, some inner layers make a crinkly noise.

Keep in mind that your water will get warmer with time. It keeps it very cold for a couple of hours, which is longer than a regular plastic bottle. But don’t expect it to keep ice cubes in the water for 4 hours or more. Even if you add a lot of ice, 8 hours later the water will be warm.

Another big problem is the insulation that develops on the outer layers of the bottle. It leads to 2 smaller problems:

  • The bottle can get slippery when you try to take it out of the bike cage, and you can’t accidentally break it.
  • It can make your documents wet if you’re at your desk.

The Polar insulated water bottle is very functional and versatile. Thanks to the innovative technology, it has good leak-proof properties. I also like the mouth opening that makes it easy to refill and add ice cubes. The mouth is wide for easy cleaning, but the bottle is quite deep so you might need a brush to clean the bottom. Even though it has its drawbacks, it’s convenient to use and carry.

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