Overnight raw buckwheat breakfast porridge

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Overnight raw buckwheat

If you like raw vegan foods, you don’t have to eat cold meals and salads all the time, especially during cold months. All you need is a bit of creativity and preparation of quality ingredients to create delicious, satisfying meals that everyone will love.

Make sure you prepare for your breakfast the night before by soaking the groats in water. It will make them soft and blend better in a porridge. If you don’t let it sit in water for at least 8 hours, you will get a grittier result.

I have used vanilla and cinnamon with honey for my porridge to give it a sweet flavor, topped with coconut, muesli and fresh berries. You can choose anything you like. This recipe is perfect for 2 people, but you can double the ingredients to feed a bigger group of people.

Some of you might think that raw buckwheat doesn’t sound very tasty, and I understand, why, but when you try it once, you will change your mind. Buckwheat doesn’t have any flavor, so the porridge takes on the flavors that you give it. Add your favorite fruits or jam to make a bowl of fruity deliciousness.

Overnight raw buckwheat breakfast porridge

Raw buckwheat porridge makes a wonderful breakfast and it's much easier to do than it might seem. It's like overnight oats because you need to soak buckwheat groats in water and leave it overnight. Then blend the porridge with flavorful topping and sweet seasonings that you find tasty, and you have a creamy and rich, effortless breakfast.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Prep Time 8 hours
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 8 hours 3 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 383 kcal


  • 250 ml buckwheat groats
  • 15 ml cinnamon
  • 45 ml honey
  • 15 ml vanilla
  • 125 ml almond milk
  • 4 ml salt

For the toppings:

  • 125 ml berries
  • 125 ml coconut
  • 125 ml pomegranates
  • 125 ml yogurt
  • 125 ml granola


  1. Soak the groats in water for at least 8 hours. After that cover the bowl with a paper towel and drain the water. Rinse the groats.

  2. Take a food processor, place groats and mix several time. The mixture should be creamy and watery.

  3. Add all ingredients in the blender and mix everything again. The consistency should be smooth. The porridge will change the color.

  4. Divide into 2 bowl and cover with your favorite toppings. Serve warm.

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