Hi, I’m Kathleen! I’ve wanted to share my recipes for many years and finally I’ve got to do it. This blog started a couple of years ago when I graduated from a culinary program. I’ve always been passionate about food and ways to make it look and taste good, and I have learned some basic and advanced techniques, got some ideas and experimented a lot.

At the beginning I only showed my experiments to my family and friends as I learned to cook sauces, make chicken breasts juicy and tender and mix different cocktails. Over time I could make many different recipes, mix ingredients and felt ready to start my food adventure. I’m not a very picky eater but I have my favorites that influence my recipes: grilled cheese, pasta and marinara sauce are often on my plate! I even worked as a private chef for some time but that is another story. Eventually I’ve felt confident enough to share the recipes with a wide audience and started this blog. I now eat a variety of foods every day, meal-prep several times a week and continue my experiments. I’m still learning and I’m happy to share my journey with you!

Kathleen Blumenthal

Being a passionate young woman, I enjoy having a freedom to do what I want and when I want, which is creating something new and mixing and matching weird foods. I’ve tested every recipe before posting (many of them I regularly make at home), and many more are in the work all the time. Right now I don’t have a particular diet or lifestyle, but I’m committed to eating many vegetables and fruits every day. I’ve gave myself a promise to make something healthy for myself every day, so smoothies and veggie salads often appear on my blog. I know it’s good for my health and it’s super easy to do. There are so many delicious foods to enjoy! And I choose to support local grocery shops and encourage our farmers to grow more veggies. I hope that my beliefs can make an impact and we will have a better environment as many delicious treats will grow in our fields.

I love shopping for foods and I have a weakness for condiments, so I often ask my family to taste a new recipe and give me their honest opinion. I cook every day for at least an hour, but my favorite recipes are those that are quick and can be done in 30 minutes or less. My boyfriend often finds me cooking anything from paella to lasagna on my beloved stovetop. Sometimes I go a little crazy and make things like fermented cabbage in my basement. Most of the time I only have the idea and improvise. I like to see what I have in the fridge and use it in my recipes. Sometimes I make something simple, such as tuna salad or pasta carbonara, and sometimes I try to make my own sauces.

Aside from food, I enjoy skiing, sledding and ice skating. I also enjoy yoga and pilates and try to make myself exercise more often. Winter is my favorite time of the year because I can spend evenings inside with my family eating delicious foods and watching the fireplace fire. I also take care of the blog, which includes copyediting, production and more. I set deadlines for myself and make sure I follow them closely.

I currently live in California with my dog and my boyfriend and travel a lot (yes, traveling is another hobby of mine!) If you have any questions about my culinary experience, recipes, experiments or past life, feel free to contact me through my blog or check out my Facebook page for more details. Sometimes I post updates about my life there and share my new experiments and journeys. I try to respond to all your messages as soon as I can. I’m not obsessed with social media but I check my mail every day. I hope you like my blog and I’ll be happy to see you again!

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