Hydro Flask Straw Lid review

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Hydro flask straw lid is an easy-to use straw designed with a durable rubber coating and a high-flow rate for convenient use. It can withstand bite marks and stains. You get two straws that you can cut to fit any cup of this manufacturer. It also features a finger loop so you can clip the bottle to your backpack or belt.

The main features

  • Made of BPA-free, durable plastic PP#5.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Patent-pending design.
  • Durable rubber straw.
  • Compatible with all brand’s wide-mouth bottles.
  • You can trim 2.5 inches off the straw to fit the 18 fl. oz. bottle.
  • The straw is not leak-proof.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Straw Lid comes with a spout that allows you to close it when you’re not drinking. It features a carrying loop so you can take the bottle with you, or just attach it to your backpack or a rope.

Made of quality materials, the straw lid is durable enough to withstand regular use but has some drawbacks as well. The main problem comes from the mouth piece that is mate from soft material which wears down really quickly. It’s there to make drinking more pleasant, but you will have to replace it every year or so. The straw itself in as simple as it can get, just make surw to clean it out regularly. You can easily detach the straw from the lid to clean it separately. I don’t recommend cleaning the straw lid in a dishwasher.

The most important thing to mention is the questionable leak-proof feature of the straw lid. It prevents liquids from spillage but I wouldn’t invert the bottle or run around with it. Most likely, it will leak. The straw lid has some leak-proofing, but only when the straw is completely depressed and the lid is fully sealed. Once you use them for some time, the leaking is almost impossible to prevent during active movement.

The design

This thing is so famous because of its aesthetics. I have gone through many reviews and people seem to love to bring the straw lid over dinner outside, as everyone agrees it’s very easy to hold and more pleasing to use than many other models in the market. If you use Tumbler, you’ve probably seen this straw lid many times. The straw kid has the sleek, covetable shape all tumblers loved and it comes in many different colors. I like to match the straw with my stainless-steel bottle because it stays cold to the touch even when I have hot coffee inside.

The new version of Hydro flask straw lid just came out in spring 2018. The company made some improvements: the straw lid is better fitted, easier to remove and clean, and has a mouthpiece made of more durable silicone that prevents palate jabbing (Starbucks. for example, had to recall over 2.5 million straws because many people injured themselves).


The straw lid is dishwasher safe and it should not change the insulation properties of the product. However, high temperatures and harsh detergents can lead to discoloration. It’s much better to soak the straw lid in warm water for a minute and then gently hand wash it. Dishwasher can also shorten the lifespan of the product.


Hydro flask straw lid is one of the best in this category. It doesn’t give the drink any after taste and doesn’t retain the odors of the previous liquid. It’s a huge plus. It does a great job at keeping your beverage tasting fresh. I’ve seen people doing a one-day water taste test, and the straw lid got the award for keeping the taste as close to the original as possible. If you don’t want any funky tastes from the cap materials, this is one of the best choices you can make.

The straw lid performs well during the flavor retention test. When you fill it with a sports drink, wash it carefully and then refill with water, it doesn’t have any residual flavors. It does have a slight scent of the previous drink, but you can barely taste it. There is no flavor of the previous drink. It’s rare for a plastic lid to perform so well.

I believe that the Hydro flask straw lid is a great choice for everyone who enjoys hot and cold liquids like smoothies, tea, coffee and ice cocktails. It doesn’t give a strange taste to the liquid, and the ability to resist flavor retention is amazing. When you fill an insulated bottle with hot liquid lie coffee, there is a big difference between the Hydro flask straw lid and many other lids on the market. Flavored drinks usually leave more taste imprint than colder beverages. Most lids retain the smell and taste of coffee even when you wash it with vinegar and soda or soak in soapy water for hours.

Conversely, The Hydro Flask product only hand a slight smell of coffee after a quick hand washing. If you wash the lid with vinegar or baking soda, it won’t have any flavor or smell of coffee. No matter what you drink, you can always return it back to the original state.

The main applications

The Hydro flask straw lid is more versatile than its competitors due to its large size. Its insulated properties make it a great choice for cold or hot drinks near the campfire or in the office. The size is just enough for big bottles that last many hours without having to refill them. I also like that plastic doesn’t sweat in hot environments. It resists carrying flavors of previous drinks, which is perfect if you regularly fill it with different beverages. Just make sure to wash it carefully before you go from ice water to hot chocolate to soda drink.

The lid has many advantages in the urban environment, it performs just well at car camping, ice climbing day trips, etc. Even though the content won’t be offended by external temps and you can have it on hot and cold days, the content can spill out. Having a bit bottle of hot water to share with your friends is nice on a cold day, just be careful with the lid and don’t turn the bottle upside down.

The value of The Hydro flask straw lid

This lid is more expensive than many other products on the market, so it might not be a good choice for people on budget. If you just need a good lid for your water bottle to feel it with water, you can find much cheaper options that will do the job. You can find a great lid for around $5-10 that will offer a great quality at a good price. However, if you want a versatile product that have outstanding insulation properties, The Hydro flask straw lid is worth its price. The bottle has a great design and comes with a lifetime warranty that increases its value.

Not only the lid has impressive insulated properties, the company took the time to make it comfortable to use. I’m sure you will enjoy drinking beverages of different temperatures and the size doesn’t limit it to being a little travel cup. The lid comes in different colors, has a nice design and versatile features. The company has great warranty policy and great customer service. I’ve found myself taking this lid with my bottle in more places that I expected when I first got it. It does cost more than many other lids, but it offers a great quality.

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