How Should You Choose Rimmed Baking Sheet?

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The tray with raised edges which allow to keep the food inside without spreading out of a container while being cooked or baked. Thus it can be used in various kitchen duties both in the restaurants and at home. Though, the home cooks do not always see the true value of this tool. In order to understand all its options, you should visit a professional kitchen. After such experiment you will realize that the single rimmed baking sheet is not enough for you. Buy at least a couple of them or even more if there is a crowd at your table usually. They are much more versatile compared with a regular sheet.

The Construction

You know there are several types of a rimmed baking sheet. But they are almost always rectangular. The most appropriate measurements are equal to 18 by 13 inches but you can find a large rimmed baking sheet or one half as much as a standard one. Still the above sizes are most useful. The perimeter is surrounded by a rim about 1 inch high. You should understand that this kitchenware is not identical, and various materials and constructions can be marketed. For example, the producers can take the different alloys of steel or aluminum or a tri-ply material consisting of two outer layers of stainless steel and an aluminum core.

But the construction is probably the most important feature. You should refuse an infirm sheet which can easily warp under the heat. We want to mention that warping can happen even with a firm pan under particular conditions. And when it does, the foods will be cooked unevenly on such a pan. In order to prevent this, try to heat a baking sheet gradually and cover the surface with food in a smooth manner

Another thing: the thicker it, the better, because if a baking sheet is thin, it will be heated too quickly and that will cause burning of the food.

Rimmed or Flat?

There are the cookie sheets which are not equipped with rims or you can find a raised lip in one place needed for comfortable handling, but in general all sides are almost absent. What is the difference for cooking? Both variants provide the same evenness of heating. This performance usually depends on the material but not on the sides. But when you create a kind of partially closed pan with ribs and in this way hold the temperature inside you make the foods cook faster and at the same time if you want to get the crispy crust you will achieve it on a rimless pan more successfully just for the same reason.

It does not mean that you will fail to succeed with these two operations: sautéing and browning using both of the kinds of the baking sheets. But you can take it into account when preferring one construction. It happens because in a rimmed pan the heat circulates within the restricted space while in rimless one the hot air raises to the top of the foods making them brown. The value of the matter makes only about three minutes. Does it matter for you to cook your meal that time earlier? But the rims allow to hold all juiced and oils within the tray and make your dish tasty. So, you can use it not only for baking small cakes but also for biscuit, for roasting of vegies and chicken and something else.

When We Need It?

You can use a rimmed sheet for baking cookies and various cakes including biscuits, and that use is far from the single one. It is perfect for roasting fries, vegetables or meat. But it does not mean that it is only for baking. Such a sheet can be applied for holding cutlets before frying, for instance – preparing them beforehand so that they would not be broken.

The rimmed baking sheets are often related as half-sheet pans. Almost anything can be prepared in it if it is not a liquid. Every day in the kitchen you perform the tasks which can be much easier if you use this tray. For example, you can bake the fish of any kind, without garnishing or with vegies. The chicken cut in small parts or all in one piece can be cooked with use of this kitchenware. If you want to toast seeds or nuts, it is the best choice as far as you can distribute the foods evenly in one layer.

And again you can use it for some other kinds of operations not connected with the oven. If you need some convenient place to sort the dried beans, you have it within a baking sheet. Or spread out boiled rice or something like that in order to make it get cool faster for adding to salad. If you take a rimmed baking sheet with wire rack and place a cake above, you can top it with melted chocolate allowing it to stream down inside a sheet.

So, to summarize: you can toast nuts of any kind, granola, bake pizza, pies, and bar cookies, roast crispy potatoes and other vegetables, meat and fish.

Criteria to Choose

As we have said there are different rimmed baking sheets on the market. Some baking sheets are good for both baking and roasting, the others are intended just for one method. Choose the one which corresponds your menu, recipes, cooking methods and amount of foods you are going to prepare with its help. It is important to provide even browning of the foods placed across the surface. It does matter how the cooked meal is released. Ask the seller about warping if you do not want to spoil the things just in a couple of times you put a sheet into a hot oven. Prefer a warp-resistant pan. Though, the experts say that the changes of bottom shape do not influence much on the result of your cooking, but still you’d better maintain it flat. Then, try to hold it in a hand and understand how comfortable you feel. Imagine that it will be loaded with heavy foods and it will be even more difficult to take it. The sides should be tall to contain the content and hard enough to keep shape. Of course you can evaluate the way how evenly the food is cooked only when you try it. But all the above recommendations will help you to make the right choice.

So, let’s look at the criteria once again. What should you pay your attention to when you buy a baking sheet?

  1. Purpose. Find out whether it is for baking or roasting or both. The foods should be prepared evenly across the whole surface. It should be allowed to be preheated.
  2. Obtaining the shape. Make sure that it is not warping. It should be tolerant to high-heat ovens and rapid temperature changes.
  3. Comfort. Try to handle it. You should feel comfort. The ease of use is very important.


They are durable and easy to use. You can afford one for sure. Making of aluminum these pans conduct heat in a perfect way becoming warm quickly. Though the aluminum usually reacts to acidic foods that is why you should escape cooking dishes including tomatoes in it. And it can lead to discoloration due to reaction with foods. Sometimes you can even fell metallic taste. Considering all the pros and cons you can choose the sheets made of steel or silicon being ready to meet the peculiarities of the material. Or just line the aluminum bakeware with parchment paper or special mats. Still we should confess that the so called jelly-roll pans are perfect for cookies providing even baking. So choose them made of heavy-gauge aluminum. When the sides and bottom are relatively thick the pan is more durable and does not warp. And again the thin pans are heated too fast that can be a reason of burning

Of course you can by the sheets made of steel or tri-ply constructions. The steel pans heat unevenly and that is not good. As to tri-ply pans – they cost a lot. But for your money you will get the value: they heat up quickly, the temperature is spread all over the surface and retain the heat longer requiring a particular skill from a user to reduce risks to overbake cookies when you pull them out of the oven hoping that the sheets will cool fast.

If you buy a non-stick baking sheet you can forget about difficulty with sticking. But this variant is not for a long time as far as the coating is not durable. And there is another option like using parchment paper and aluminum foil. The foil lined rimmed baking sheet is easy to be cleaned. The silicone impregnated paper is very convenient both preventing sticking and protecting the surface of a sheet from being stained. Just line a baking tray with it when you are going to bake any cookies, and do not concern about any grease. Or there is another solution – buy a silicone baking sheet which can be used even in the microwave where metal baking trays are not allowed. By the way, it can be used 2000 times withstanding temperatures of about 480°F.

In order to clean these rimmed pans just wash them with warm soapy water applying the things for scrubbing. Using the above advices to refuse soaking as far as it is not very convenient considering the sizes of tray. The metal or silicon resist odors that is why one baking sheet can be used for cooking sweet pies and meat.

The baking sheets are so comfortable for the moments when you have to prepare foods for a crowd. Normally, if you have to make many batches of cookies at a heat, it is enough to use just one tray and spend your time needed for cooking just once. Moreover, you can use two sheets and place them in the oven simultaneously.


There is a wide choice of the rimmed baking sheets in the shops and you can choose any according to your needs and budget. We would like to count just some of them which are worth your attention without doubt.

  • Anolon Commercial Bakeware. You will find the sturdy baking sheets of this brand which provide even cooking, allow creating crisps and release the foods easily. Though, you should be careful as far as thanks to thin bottom the cookies baked up very quickly and can burn if you waste a time.
  • Nordic Ware. It is made of natural pure aluminum in the USA. Though it is commercial bakeware you will find here the professional quality. It is durable and rust resistant, provides even baking thanks to aluminums heat conductivity. The rims are made of reinforced encapsulated steel that is why you can forget about warping. You can wash it only by hand.
  • Bellemain. This baking sheet is made of heavy duty aluminum of high quality. It is extra thick that is why it can be used intensively for years without warping and providing the even cooking. It is often preferred by professionals due to its reliability. The reinforced rolled encapsulated steel rims, 1” tall ensure its perfect shape even after years of use under the high temperatures.


But whatever recommendations you can get from anybody, we should confess that simple is better. You can compare them and make your own decision. The chefs insist that the best baking sheets are made of bare aluminum marketed at price of about $20. You will agree with it when you cook for about a month. It is really versatile and that is its best option. At that the affordable cost generates even stronger appeal. It is easy to roast potatoes and make delicate cookies in it. You can buy several sheets for various purposes.

Here we should say that the particular features are not bad. They can provide the perfect even baking, but the high price is not always reasonable. For example, the baking sheets consisting of a sandwich construction cook the delicate cakes like meringues much more slowly preventing from burning but they are not for a wide range of dishes. The most foods just do not need this property. And if you take a regular baking sheet and line it with parchment paper, you will succeed in cooking any delicate cookies as well. There are also slightly ridged surfaces of a bottom which are designed for even browning and easy release of the foods. But this pleasant development is not really important if you want to save your budget.

Well, regardless of such simple purposes and requirements to this kitchenware, it is not so easy to find a perfect rimmed baking sheet, you know. First we would recommend to look it for in restaurant supply stores. The kitchen stores often forget about this item thinking that it is not so popular among home cooks and regarding it as a professional pan. Of course, you are free to go to the websites of the producers and find the retailers which really understand the day-to-day needs in the kitchen.

Just come here and you certainly enjoy the assortment of versatile rimmed baking sheet, amazon is full of them and not just that.

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