Excessive review of Paula Deen cookware set

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Excessive review of Paula Deen cookware set

If you’re anything like me and enjoy cooking, you probably know about Paula Deen cookware sets. They have been around for years and got a reputation of a functional and stylish cookware. These sets always have splashes of color with a modern touch to suit most kitchen decors. However, style isn’t the most important thing in cookware. These sets can get pricy, so let’s find out if they’re worth your money.

We will have a look at arguably the most famous Savannah Collection 17-Piece set that you can also find in a smaller 12-piece package. If you buy the whole piece, you will get:

  • 1.5-quart saucepan with lid
  • 1-quart saucepan with lid
  • 6-quart stockpot with lid
  • 2-quart saucepan with lid
  • 8-inch skillet
  • 10-inch skillet
  • 3-quart saute with lid
  • Turner, 2 spoons
  • Two 10 x 15-inch cookie pans


Paula Deen cookware sets are notorious for their splendid performance for a good price. They have passed professional tests that checked heat distribution. Cookware can maintain a steady simmer while having nonstick surface.

The sets get good reviews from customers for browning food nicely, yet the food doesn’t stick to the pan and messing with your beautiful crust. Some people claim that liquids boil faster in Paula Deen pots than in cookware they’ve used before. They can handle heat up to 350 degrees, which is lower than most cookware. You can place them in the oven but don’t forget temperature limits.

Ease of use

Cleaning up couldn’t be any easier. I prefer nonstick cookware because I hate cleaning up and Paula Deen sets never disappoint. The cookware releases food quickly, even when you don’t use oil while cooking, and you can cook all sticky food (fish or fried eggs) easily. All you need to do is to swipe your skillet with a soft cloth and it’s clean. Or you can put your entire set in a dishwasher. Of course, some owners say they would never put their cookware into the dishwasher to prevent possible damage, so the choice is yours. I have found a couple of complains that it’s hard to clean food under the rivets. I personally haven’t had this problem.


Paula Deen cookware sets have personality. They come in different bright colors and even those who doubt its durability and performance agree on the attractiveness of this cookware. I think this set is as durable as attractive.

I’ve read reviews and found that sets hold up well to washing and repetitive use. If you have time to hand wash your cookware, it will serve you even longer. I have found complaints of peeling or scratching of the surface after 6 months. The sets have a lifetime warranty, so if there is something wrong with your cookware, you can get a new one. I haven’t found any scratches on my pans and pots.

Signature Nonstick 15-Piece Porcelain Cookware Set

As most Paula Deen products, this set offers unique, vibrant and bright colors. Even though the design isn’t the first thing you should check when shopping for cookware, any pot and pan can be found in a number of porcelain finishes. This set offers blueberry, aqua, butter, coral, red and lavender colors. The set fits almost any kitchen design.

Beyond the finish, this Paula Deen set has all remarkable features that are traditionally linked to these products. Even better, because it has an enameled exterior that makes your pots and pans look clean without cleaning up. It doesn’t improve the performance, though, but looks nice. The set doesn’t offer anything outstanding; it’s your good aluminum cookware for a good price.

Signature Nonstick 15-Piece Porcelain Cookware Set

One feature that you mention the moment you take your new set is its lightness. Aluminum is lighter than steel, even though it has porcelain surface and big rubberized handles, you will have no troubles using them in the kitchen. Lightness is always a plus for me because I cook food in big batches.

One of the greatest feature of this set is its thermal conductivity (everything heats up much faster than usually). For example, if you put a potholder on top of a pan, then turn on the heat, it won’t heat up for some time. If you do the same with a piece of metal, it will heat up quickly and transfer heat to your hand. Metal is one of the most thermally conductive materials of all used in cookware, and aluminum is notorious for heating up really quickly. Everything heats up evenly, allowing you precisely control the temperature and boil water. It also saves your time and requires less effort during cooking.

Pros and cons of non-stick surfaces

As you may know, the main issue with non-stick surfaces, they don’t last forever. Paula Deen cookware sets use Teflon that is a modern, toxic-free surface. Regardless of multiple benefits it has a weak side, which is its lifespan. Teflon is fragile and even if you’re very careful with your cookware and only hand wash everything, your coating will start to scratch off and flake after 2-4 years. You don’t know when the problem starts, but reviews report 2 years of comfortable use. The surface will flake faster if you wash cookware in a dishwasher.

You shouldn’t be disappointed, though: 2 years is a bit short for a modern cookware with a quality coating, it’s reasonable for Teflon. The most expensive, quality cookware has a lifespan of 5 years of comfortable use, and only when you’re very careful with cleaning up. Paula Deen comes at a good price, I would advise to replace the set after 2-3 years of everyday use. If you don’t, food begin to stick to the surface.

Even though it has weak sides, I’m a fan of non-stick cookware. The coating on Paula Deen sets is high quality and provides non-stick surface for your food. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, it’s important to use cookware that can cook your dishes with minimum effort and skills. You don’t need to season this cookware, cooking at the right temperature is key to keep your dishes from sticking. Use grease if you want a worry-free cooking experience. You can easily flip anything you have in the pan without any effort at any temperature and any time. Just make sure to use the right spatula, metal ones will scratch off the surface of your new cookware.

Should you buy the cookware set?

If you check Paula Deen website, you will see the products come in 2 styles. The first one features an aluminum base, a porcelain exterior and a non-stick surface. These pots and pans look cute but can’t last long because of Teflon. To compensate for a short lifespan, the set is easy to clean and you can quickly cook anything in them without feeling bad about scratching the beautiful surface. You have to replace the set every 2 or 3 years. Compared to other sets of the same quality, this one is relatively cheap, so I think it’s a good deal for the money. And you get the fanciest style cookware possible.

The second option has a steel core and a porcelain coating. These pans and pots have an enameled coating, making them harder to cook compared to a Teflon pan. This option is more durable and can serve for many years, but it’s prone to chipping if you don’t carefully use and store it. The sets with a steel core are pricier because they can last forever if you care for the pots properly and don’t chip the surface.

Even though this cookware lasts longer, I don’t think they’re good for beginners and easy recipes. They perform best with chilis, stews and everything slow cooking. Steel cookware retains heat really well and has beautiful exteriors. If slow cooking is something you do often or you want a set that lasts for 10 years or longer, Paula Deen cookware set is worth your attention.

Advantages of Paula Deen cookware:

  1. Most nonstick options feature black surface on the inside but Paula Deen cookware features attractive range of colors instead. The Savannah pots have satin ivory interior that looks fancy. Combined with the exterior, it looks stylish compared to most nonstick cookware sets. If your kitchen design calls for something light, your best bet is this set. Otherwise, search for ceramic surfaces (but they’re often more expensive).
  2. Releases food easily. The Teflon coating releases anything you cook easily and nothing sticks to the surface. Cleaning up is a breeze here.
  3. Handles are always cool to the touch. The handles are treated with the rubber-like material to stay cool during cooking.
  4. Light weight. Oftentimes, lightness and durability come together in high-end sets, while cheaper options offer either this or that. The Paula Deen cookware has the right weight for everyone who doesn’t want hand fatigue after cooking for 30 minutes. Lighter pots are better for your back health, too!

Disadvantages of Paula Deen cookware:

  1. Prone to stains. Even though white interior looks beautiful it will stain with time. Regular use of cookware will show wear and tear. And any stain is much more visible on a lighter surface, so dark spots will appear after a while.
  2. Price. This Paula Deen set is more expensive than her other options. Even though you get more pieces for the price, you will have to spend $50 more compared to her famous Signature set. Unless you need cookie pans and nylon tools, the only piece you will be using is the saucepan. Other cookware sets also offer bigger sizes of pans and pots which is more practical. If you don’t know how to choose, compare separate pieces in two sets and imagine which one you will use more often.

So, should you buy Savannah Collection Cookware set if cooking is just your hobby? The set has positive reviews from customer, so it has functionality, durability and great looks. The main difference between the new set and the older ones is the color, and beautiful colors cost more than traditional ones. Apart from the aluminum core, the biggest difference is the design. The Savannah features no patterns and scalloped shapes that look fancy.

What I can say is that there is little difference compared to other sets in terms of quality. If you’re buying your first cookware set, you should compare the prices and see if the extra cost is worth the difference in style. The Savannah set comes with a spatula and a cookie pan, just in case you need them.

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