Easy to make Mother’s day recipe ideas

I love to cook and expand the boundaries of cooking

Husbands, sons and dads: make your mother/wife/daughter something delicious on their special day. If you don’t have any ideas in your mind, this article will make it easy for you. There are super easy recipes that you can easily make alone or together with your children. Of course, coffee and toast are delicious and your special lady will be happy, but it’s a great day to surprise her with something delicious. And don’t stress out: the main point of this day is to feel happy and healthy.

Easy 2-Ingredient peanut butter cups

There is nothing new in making butter cups, yet this is the easiest version you can possibly find. And I think homemade peanut butter cups taste better than store-bought! Not to say they are much better for your health. You can use your favorite peanut butter and then add any sweetener you like. I prefer the crunchy one that I sweeten with agave nectar. This recipe is just a base idea and you can add anything you like to it.

Take a muffin tin and line it with paper liners or take a silicon tray. Melt the chocolate chips until smooth. Take 15 ml of chocolate and put it into the bottom of the muffin liners. Spread evenly with your finger or with a spoon. Place the tray in a fridge for 10 minutes. Take peanut butter and put it on top of the first layer. Use a spoon to spread the butter. Don’t use your fingers because it will settle itself. Place it a fridge for 10 more minutes.

If the rest of the chocolate has hardened while you was waiting for the first layers to set, just re-melt it again. Take 30 ml of melted chocolate and put it on top of the peanut butter. The second layer shouldn’t be very hard but just strong enough to hold the last layer of chocolate. If you’re in the hurry, you don’t need to place the peanut butter layer in the fridge. You can push the chocolate to the sides with a spoon to make sure it runs down to cover the peanut batter. This might not happen, especially if you don’t have enough time to refrigerate the layers, but they will be delicious even when they look oozy and a little rustic. Smooth the top of the cups to make them look a bit fancier, or let them in the fridge as is. Refrigerate for at least 20 minutes before serving. Store in an airtight container. If you leave them on the table, they will get softer.

Italian chopped salad

This is a quick and easy salad that features a couple of unexpected ingredients. For example, chickpeas: this isn’t the most common ingredient for the salad. Here is also celery for extra crunch and sun-dried tomatoes for a bit of flavor. This version of the salad doesn’t require pork but you can add it since it’s a common ingredient in Italian salads. It gives the dish a bit more oomph.

Toss all the ingredients in one big bowl for delicious Italian vinaigrette. The main idea is that you can add anything you like. I enjoy eating smaller portions as a light meal in the evening but you can serve a big bowl at once. Then go ahead and drizzle the dressing in to coat every piece of the salad and toss to combine. I usually store the dressing and the salad separately so I can keep it in a fridge for 2-3 days. All you need to do is to whisk the dressing before drizzling. It’s normal for the olive oil to solidify in the fridge: just let it warm up for 5 minutes or place in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Spring pea and asparagus pasta

Even though this recipe need some chopping work, the end result is worth a bit of extra effort you put in this pasta. You can make a huge bowl of pasta enough for 6 people and have leftovers. Of course, it’s best created with helpers and shared with your lady or ladies. I think the food tastes the best when shared. This pasta bursts with green color and spring flavors such as fresh herbs, peas and asparagus. Once you have chopped the veggies, the whole dish comes together in less than 20 minutes.

First, prepare the vegetables. Then you need to take a big pot of salted water and boil it over high heat. Cook pasta for less than the package instructions. Reserve 500 ml of pasta water and drain the rest. While you cook pasta, heat the oil in a huge pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the shallots, then season with salt and pepper and cook for at least 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Add the garlic and asparagus, add more salt if necessary and cook until the veggies are tender (the asparagus should be bright green). Add in the peas and cook for around 2 minutes until the peas are ready. Add pasta and 250 ml of the water. Toss to combine all the ingredients. Cook for 2 more minutes. Remove the pan from heat and transfer the pasta into a big bowl. Add the butter and cheese and combine. Add more pasta if you want. The sauce should cling to the pasta. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, pine nuts and herbs. Taste and add more pepper and salt if required. You can also add red pepper flakes or more lemon juice. Grate cheese over the top and serve with a drizzle of oil and ground black pepper. Serve while hot.

Baked salmon candy onions and brown sugar mandarin glaze

You can easily make a restaurant-dish in your kitchen. Your favorite lady will be surprise you didn’t get it in the restaurant. The key ingredient is the fresh salmon fillets. You need to find quality fish to enhance the flavor of the whole dish. If you only have frozen on hand, the will work as well.

The secret here is the savory and sweet glaze that is drizzled on top of the fish. You can easily make in from mandarin orange juice, brown sugar and parsley. The salmon steaks are topped with mandarin oranges and onion slices. Serve the stakes with a favorite side dish of your lady or with a light salad for a complete meal.

One Pan spiralizer shrimp dinner

This is a seafood inspired dish that can be a huge surprise for your lady. It’s a quick and effortless dinner made in one pan. This means you don’t have a lot of mess to clean up, which means you can spend more time together. The recipe is good for your health, too, because the shrimp is served with lots of vegetables instead of pasta.

Consider the efforts of your mom to get you eat healthy you might want to impress her with this delicious and healthy dish. The noodles are made of carrot, zucchini and sweet potations that are full of nutrition. The best part is that you only need 20 minutes to prepare the veggie noodles and fry shrimps in the pan.

Baked caprese chicken

Mother’s day is when the seasons changes, from winter to spring and this is a great chance to cook something new and refreshing and transition from hearty and savory to summery and light. This chicken is the perfect meal for that. The trick here is the marinade that is a balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper and olive oil. The marinade takes 5 minutes to prepare but offers a lot of flavor.

This baked chicken is topped with tomatoes and slices of mozzarella and then garnished with fresh basil. You can change the recipe to your taste and serve it in many ways. For example, if your mom loves pasta, cook it over pasta, the chicken has enough of the sauces and you don’t need to add anything else. If your mom enjoys wraps, slice the cooked chicken and serve it in a wrap. You can get creative here because the options are endless.

Mediterranean style baked tilapia

You can spoil your mom a little bit with this delicious Mediterranean dish. It’s a great way to prepare a healthy meal without sacrificing any flavor. When you cook tilapia, you get a lot of healthy protein from this low-fat, lean fish. Tilapia contains lots of fatty acids, omega-3, vitamins, potassium and more.

You can make the dish even more delicious by baking it with tomatoes, garlic and olives and then add feta cheese on top. Your mom will love your efforts in making a delicious, healthy meal. If you have any leftovers, they will taste wonderful after several days. You can always serve it over rice the next day.

Easy deep dish mini pizzas

If your mom loves pizza, you will want to make little mini pizzas for this special day. Not every mom wants a fancy dinner that will take your attention from her for many hours, so you can indulge in a delicious pizza. These mini pizzas come in serving sizes and require almost no effort at all.

These pizzas are made in a muffin tin so it’s really easy and fun for everyone enjoying this treat. You can ask your children for help to let mom appreciate the meal even more. There is nothing complicated here because you need to use store-bought roll dough and add anything you want in your pizzas. Simple cooking techniques, simple ingredients but a delicious cheesy pizza that mom will love.

Crock pot honey and garlic chicken

Crockpot meals are a great way to have an effortless meal because the tool do everything for you and you can spend time with your family. This garlic and honey chicken requires around 5 hours to cook, so you can put the ingredients in the Crockpot and then plat activities with Mom. When you arrive home, you will have a delicious chicken waiting for you.

With these chicken tights, your house will be filled with sweet aroma that will get everyone waiting for dinner. Serve the chicken with your Mom’s favorite side dish. Moms definitely deserve to be spoiled with delicious meals more than once but when the whole day is about them, it makes everything more special.

Moms spend a lot of time on us, and this is the day when we can spend good time with them. Think of all the work your mom does for you. She probably does cleaning, cooking, planning, organizing, etc. She is a super mom! Let her relax on Mother’s day and prepare something delicious that will be a big surprise. And I hope these recipe ideas give you a clue about what you want to prepare.

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