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Calphalon is not only the cookware and other kitchen items. This is a style of your life and a chance to become familiar with professional approach to the cooking itself and appreciate the new technologies in this area. Not only women but men also will enjoy using the goods of this brand rich in benefits in whatever light they view it. The producer offers almost anything you could need in the kitchen and anything in its assortment is of the highest quality. You can buy Calphalon cookware set, and feel completely packed.

Why do you need cookware?

Don’t you agree that cookware is an essential part of your kitchen and even more it is the key element for tasty and healthy food prepared with its use?

When we speak about cookware, we mean saucepans, griddles, frying pans, pots, etc., which can be used on a stove cooktop. If you need something to use inside the oven, you should look for bakeware that is also represented by Calphalon in vast variety. You can boil any soup or cook porridge in them. If you prefer fried meal, you are free to choose a skillet or a wok, or take a simple frying pan and apply any method of cooking. There are special crepe frying pans with low sides. Anything you want is marketed nowadays. The only issue is its efficiency and quality.

What should you know when you choose the cookware?

All the above vessels are very different and intended for various purposes. There are a lot of details, which make the use of utensils comfortable: the handles, lids and so on. But there is the common feature important for them and this is a material. They can be made of steel, glass or ceramics – the staff should be fire-proof and resistant to high temperature. But this requirement is by far not a solitary one. The choice of material is very important as far as it influences on the duration of preparation, cooking way and on the cost of the products. The main characteristic is thermal conductivity of the material and the sticking properties. Also the washing conditions depend on the material.

Regarding all the above the most popular cookware still are made of metal. Are you interested why? We are going to tell you. First of all it conducts heat in a perfect way. Then it is chemically unreactive meaning that it is safe if you do not touch it barehanded when it is hot. The right metal alloy does not change the taste and flavor of the food. There is one problem is the fact that the food does not release easily being frying in a metal pan with oil or without it. To escape this moment, the producers cover the metal with a coating, which protects from sticking. And all these details are considered by the Caophalon company.

History of Calphalon brand

The mission of this company is to offer its expert services for everybody who is interested in the kitchenware as an integral part of culinary art. They are able to make the experience of the home chef to be much easier and to enable preparing, cooking and baking almost in a professional way.

The aluminum cookware company was founded in 1963. On the basis of a small metal spinning enterprise the new production was arranged and the aluminum cookware dedicated for the food service industry was manufactured. In five years the company became the first who applied the advanced technology used within the aerospace industry. This is hard anodizing – a coating for the raw aluminum intended for use in highly corrosive applications, which is typical for the cookware items. As a result the goods get black finish and become resistant to corrosion. This professional line of cookware is known now as Calphalon and in 1976 it was marketed through retail network. It worked like a dream! The consumers gave a high rating to new cookware experiencing the quality available only to professional chefs before. The idea was developed and in 1992 the nonstick line entered the market. This was a new cooking surface for the “Calphalon” products and it became a brand feature recognized all over the world. Soon a wide range of bakeware and utensils was launched. The design was continuously updated in accordance with the requirements of the consumers. Again the new Cool V handle technology was applied for a new line Calphalon Commercial Nonstick.

In 1998 the company joined the Newell and got even more strength. The following step was Tri-Ply Stainless Steel cookware. Here they used three layers of metal providing even heating of the surface and fast preparation of the meal. Another achievement of this new project was the beauty of stainless steel that was much better than the performance standard of aluminum. There was more to come. In 2002 the company started the cutlery production following the traditions. And at last in 2003 the gained experience was embodied in a stunning design of the collection containing cutlery and cookware being very durable and full of useful options like dishwasher safe convenience and names of the knives etched on their handles. There were also the knives with Damascus clad blades made of ultra-hard Japanese VG-1 steel.

The assortment of this manufacturer is enlarged all the time. There are graters, ice cream scoops, can openers and other small but necessary details, which make the everyday cooking process exciting and simple.

Speaking about the technologies

Still the main advantage of the Calphalon company is its interest in innovations. Its nonstick layer is a perfect smooth surface and it releases the cooked foods easily without any efforts. Some items include 5 layers and a core made of copper making it possible to keep the cooking process under control. Still the producer does not forget about hard-anodized items updating them in accordance with the current needs of the buyers. So what are the main materials used by Calphalon? Let’s consider this issue in details.

Material Description
Aluminum This is a light metal with high thermal conductivity. Moreover it is available and has a low cost. Though, being very reactive to acidic foods in its raw condition it must be covered with protective layers. Another drawback is that aluminum is very soft and that causes the easy scratches and deformation. That is why it is not recommended to be used for a long time, because the possible damages lead to health concerns. But if the producer uses anodized aluminum, you can enjoy it for as long as you want. This technology solves all the problems connected with raw aluminum.
Hard anodizing

The hard anodizing is a particular electro-chemical process, which can be called controlled, accelerated oxidation. Its purpose is to make aluminum 30% harder compared with stainless steel. In order to get such performances the aluminum is placed into a bath filled with acid and electrical charges, which lead to formation of aluminum oxide.

The hard anodized cookware set is more expensive than the vessels made of simple aluminum, but that is worth it. The only thing you should know about it, that the anodized aluminum heats up longer compared to other materials, so it will take you more time to prepare dinner. But at the same time it is perfect heat conductor, better than stainless steel. You cannot make scratches on its surface and still it is light and convenient to use. The set produced with appliance of this technology resists corrosion and is very durable. The anodized surfaces do not peel, decompose and cannot be damaged even under the condition of high temperature. Just imagine! This material protects satellites into outer space and is used to harden automotive racing parts. There are a lot of application areas for the anodized finish, which is chemically stable and nontoxic. And another benefit is an ultra-smooth cookware surface and that means that the foods do not stick and the surface is easily cleaned.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a particular alloy consisting of iron and chromium. The proportion of the latter should be not less than 10.5% and it creates a thin layer of oxide, which is also called as a ‘passive layer’. Its intended purpose is a prevention of corrosion. Thereafter, the larger amount of Chromium is used, the more reliable resistance to corrosion is provided. Besides, silicon, carbon, manganese, molybdenum, and nickel can be included. The amounts of these components depend on the producer decision. Some of them are needed to improve particular features of the finished piece. It is important to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in the alloy.

Thus, we can state that stainless steel cookware set is nonreactive, suitable to any food and inexpensive compared to others. The items are rather heavy and very durable. They can be washed in the dishwasher. The set is safe and beautiful. In order to prevent sticking the oil is used during the cooking that is why if you are going to prepare some low-fat meal, you’d better decide in favor of nonstick vessels.

Nonstick steel Nonstick cookware set is just for you if you do not want to spoil foods. It has a particular layer preventing burning and providing easy cleanup. But compared to anodized aluminum the nonstick steel can be scratched by knife or fork – any sharp thing. Being so fragile the nonstick cookware is not used for a long time. But the time passes and the technology updates. Now it is much more reliable. So you can purchase and enjoy it.



The steel with the above technologies is very good, but if you want to have stronger heat distribution, pay your attention to cookware made of copper with an aluminum core and a stainless-steel outer coating produced by Calphalon. The value of this material is obvious. Copper conducts heat properly and has rather attractive decorative properties. As far as raw copper can change the taste of some foods, the inside surface is coated with stainless steel to prevent leaching.

Is there any alternative to metal?

Calphalon offers not only metal cookware. You are free to prefer a marvelous classic ceramic nonstick cookware set in its assortment. But here you will find a secret – these pans are made of aluminum, which is covered with a layer of ceramic It is nonstick but there is a difference compared to the classic nonstick items – it provides less convenience as to sticking. The coating is PFOA- and PTFE-free, resistible to scratching and durable when the item is used in a proper way. If you leave it empty over the heat for a long time, the ceramic will crack and you will have to get rid of the spoiled pan.

Furthermore, you can choose a perfect Calphalon tri-ply stainless-steel cookware set. By the way the ply cookware has a bottom made of several layers of metal. Sometimes the entire item consists of multiple layers. This “sandwich” may be formed of different materials and each metal offers its best property.


The Calphalon cookware is represented by a range of collections, each of which outstands with the unique design and the technology applied. The customer is suggested to choose the goods in accordance with his needs. Among the particular benefits there is a common property – the quality of high level. There are the following Calphalon cookware sets:

Classic All the items are developed for the purpose to provide the users with durable and affordable kitchen items. They are available in several versions: ceramic with eco-friendly PFOA-Free coating, stainless steel, and nonstick. You can save your time cooking your meal with use of the pieces included in these sets.
Signature It is the professional top range cookware for chef level.
Premier Space-Saving Here all the items are developed to be arranged. They can be placed into one another and stored in this way taking up minimum space. These sets are suitable for small kitchens.
Contemporary Here there are nonstick sets with PFOA-free coating that provides long duration and stainless-steel cookware sets. They are designed in a modern style.
Elite If you want to have the most expensive and reliable cookware, you should turn your attention to this collection. The producer uses the metal providing extra-durable and long-lasting features.
Select by Calphalon Make your kitchen comfortable and well-equipped. These sets are affordable for everybody and helpful for everyday cooking. Here you can pick among stainless-steel, nonstick and ceramic versions.
Unison  This collection is dedicated for almost professional use or rather for amateurs to achieve the professional result. There are sear and slide nonstick pans.


Inside every collection there are various items including pans of different sizes to meet the varying culinary needs of the customers. You can choose the size due to the amount of the foods you are going to prepare or in accordance with your other preferences. The producer introduces all the cases. Here is a pan for a person or a couple and this vessel suits a large company. If your family is large or you cook for a crowd of people, you’d better look for the sets where there are several capacious pans. Though, usually in every set there are a couple of small and large items. Before purchase, consider other important conditions like the type of stove. If you have an induction surface, the cookware set should be relevant. Try the handles. They should be comfortable for you.

And mind that the producer includes the care instructions for every set. The recommendations should be followed if you do want to extend the time in service. For example, there are restrictions as to use of utensils or various cleaning agents and tools, like scoring pads, which can damage the surface of the pans. What else about benefits?

Advantages of Calphalon

  • First of all, Calphalon is a time-proved brand with solid reputation that is known all over the world being introduced at the market since 1963.
  • The vast choice of various items for preparing everyday dishes, sauces, sautes, soups, roasted meat – everything that you can imagine. There are also specialties and accessories such as splatter guard, roast rack with hooks, panini pan with press, ice buckets and others
  • The manufacturer cares of the customers’ needs suggesting the sets with various useful features like space saving.
  • If you compare Calphalon with the traditional cookware, you’ll understand that the inner surface of its pans is characterized with greater heat conducting capacity and that means the high quality of cooking. The foods will be warmed evenly.
  • The sets made of the anodized aluminum deliver more resistivity towards damages. There are almost no scratches and change of color during usage time.
  • The wide diversity of customer needs is satisfied in every way possible.
  • You get value for money. The Calphalon cookware sets are much better compared to the rivals due to their long life, perfect design and safety.
  • The company experiments with materials and integrates new technologies updating the existing lines and improving its offer adding new features. The different sizes are available as well as different level of reliability is offered for those who prefer changing the cookware often and for those who choose the key kitchen outfit for the term of their life.
  • Calphalon provides its customers with warranty, guaranteeing that, if an item becomes unserviceable earlier, it will be replaced. Of course this is possible only if the break occurs because of the manufacturer’s fault. Do not forget to register the purchase to be able to take hold of the warranty if there is a chance.


Among the producers of kitchenware of the same level we can mention Williams Sonoma, Sur la table, Lodge Cast Iron, Camp Chef and Char-Broil. These are the biggest rivals. For example Camp Chef founded in 1990 has more employees vs. Calphalon and Char-Broil founded in 1948 in has more employees.

All of them rather interesting but Calphalon has convincing benefits. Its products boast of better key properties. The outer coating is hard preventing from damage and making the pan much tougher compared to the usual ones. Regardless of this fact the kitchenware is light that is why you will definitely appreciate the comfort when using it. The corrosion is excluded even if cookware comes in contact with acids and reacting agents. All the benefits of the products of this brand are mentioned above.

If you read calphalon cookware set reviews, you’ll hardly find any negative ones as far as these goods are perfect. So, do not hesitate and choose a set you suppose being the most suitable for your cooking style and enjoy it! Now you’ve got the information that allows you to make a decision and buy the set you want to have here.

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