Best review of Tramontina cookware set

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Best review of Tramontina cookware set

The cookware set is useful utility in the kitchen. Probably you can do without it but when you have all those items, you will feel much more confident and convenient when making a dinner, for example. It includes all necessary pans and pots with common and special purposes where you can boil, stew, roast, bake, and fry – apply any cooking method required in accordance with the recipe. In order to find the best set, you should know the key characteristics, the pros and cons of various materials, and the peculiarities of constructions. Then another question arises: what producer should be preferred. There are a lot of respectable companies with unique approach to production but today we’ll speak about Tramontina.

Let us introduce Tramontina

This is a company from Brasilia that was founded in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina. Its founder is Italian by birth. It has produced home appliances, cookware, and cutlery of the highest quality all this time. The brand has managed to become one of the mightiest companies in the Southern Brazil and deliver the best everyday solutions. Nowadays there are ten factories producing the assortment marketed under this trademark. You can find more than 17 000 items out of this range in the international market. Almost 120 countries including USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, China, Australia, and others, welcome these products.

The mission of Tramontina is to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable offering a wide choice of helpful items for various purposes. All the goods are particular with their own properties but there is something in common with them – the values which are created by the company. The quality of this brand is recognized by the customers in the world. It implements innovations, advanced technologies, creates unique design and suggests the best value for money.

The company appreciates its 7,000 employees and even more, respecting their professional experience and establishing the best conditions for their fruitful work at the factories, stores, and in the offices. Tramontina is strong also due to all these people and of course due to strictest management standards involved both in manufacture and marketing.

It provides beautiful things inspiring consumers to enjoy the experience of the skilled masters embodied in every item.

The company feels social responsibility and cares for the common good, for the environment manifests. It initiate the social projects and achieve the perfect results. It always complies with appropriate legislative and branch requirements. It invests in eco-friendly systems and equipment preventing the substances which can do harm from going into atmosphere. Tramontina’s Environmental Management System’s quality is certified with the ISO 14001.

The brand requirements

This producer continuously improves its products launching new lines and collections, adopting new technologies and materials, achieving the best result ever in providing the expected properties of kitchenware. It creates a vast variety of designs, attracting consumers with new ideas, ergonomic factors and service behavior. The main goal is to meet the highest standards of the world level and thus satisfy the customers’ needs. Tramontina is really one of the best in the global housewares market and definitely a leading company in Brasilia.

The products of this brand can be purchased in leading chains and retailers in USA. By the way in 2005, the manufacture of the chosen cookware was established in the United States. The marketing managers gather the information about the cutomers’preferences and revies observing and analyzing the responds in order to make everything even better. They suit the action to the word and acting bringing the best product experience possible.

Key benefits

Even if you are sure about the quality of this brand, as they say there is more than one way to skin a cat – meaning that there are a lot of producers represented in the market thus choosing cookware can be dificult. You know that there are a lot of interesting solutions offered by such famous companies like Cuisinart, All-Clad, and Calphalon. They are all worthy and respected with perfect assortment. Why should you opt for Tramontina.

First of all it another old, time proved producer, and secondly it offers the most cost-effective cookware. You can hardly buy the things of such high quality at such moderate prices. It produces cookware lines for different markets, including the sets competing with very expensive brands. So if you compare it to the trademarks of the same level like Pioneer  Woman or NuWave, you’ll see that it produces a large variety of cookware. There are a lot of details which can be of help. The sets are represented in stainless steel, ceramic, enamel, anodized, nonstick material. Plenty of colors and shades, decorative finishes and additional options designed to facilitate cooking or applying the item. The options add to the cost but still the prices remain competitively. Even if you have a tight budget, you will find solution here.

We are going to consider just several examples to give you an idea of the products.


You are welcome to appreciate three cookware sets being different and designed for a variety of needs.

6 piece cookware set

If you need a small set for a small kitchen, we recommend you to consider Tramontina 6 piece stackable cookware set as it can be stored compactly. Or choose 6 piece stainless steel cookware set with triple-ply bottom. It is very safe and durable. The items are made of stainless steel, which is completely at safe-health level. You can be sure that a pan does not release any residues under any circumstances. The food prepared in such a pan will be healthy. In order to improve the heat distribution aluminum is applied in the bottom. Thus, it helps to cook faster and save power and at the same time it keeps the cooked food warm for rather long time. You will appreciate modern design with stylish gloss finish, convenient heat-resistant handles. The lids perfectly fit the pans and are equipped with steam vents. You can clean it in a dishwasher every time without any doubt and fears to spoil a covering. And another benefit – this is an all-embracing set that can be used on electric, gas, induction and even on vitroceramic glass oven.

9 piece cookware set

Tramontina tri ply stainless steel 9 piece cookware set is the most appropriate choice for a family as far as it consists of all pans and pots usually needed in the kitchen. The items are made of three layers of metal providing the best result. The cooking surface is covered with high nickel stainless steel, it is comparatively light, nice looking, easy to maintain but distributes heat not so quickly and even, that is why an aluminum core is added for better heat distribution. The exterior is made of stainless steel again.

The items suit the induction tops of the stove being magnetic. If you suppose that All-Clad offers the best sets of stainless steel, we assure you that this Tramontina set is an equal alternative at lower price. Though, you can say that it is a little bit heavy. Is this an essential feature for you? Decide! As for the rest, they’re almost the same, made of similar materials. But do mind that the items in the set are not nonstick. You should think of your cooking style, but you can be sure that you will not have to change the set because it degrades and can become harmful. And that is nice, but if you like cooking over the high heat, you will be expected to use a lot of fat to avoid sticking. Is it affordable for you? Another surprise is glass lids equipped with so useful steam vents.

You are not recommended to use the pieces of this set in the oven, though it is possible but in this case use it uncovered, without a lid. The pans are designed with stainless steel handles. There is a rather interesting detail about the handles – they stay cool even after cooking but for a short time. Do not experiment and you’d better use potholders. Among the usual vessels in this set there is a steamer that is so suitable for cooking vegetable and seafood without fat. It is not a necessary item of course, but it makes life easier and varied. In general Tramontina develops cookware lines for every need. All the things are durable and stylish. But if you want to have a non-stick surface, you’d better look for other sets we describe here!

11 piece cookware set

Tramontina ceramic 11-piece deluxe cookware set is for those who are ready to pay a lot and get beautiful, durable and efficient set. Every item in it is made of light aluminum enameled with porcelain from outside and covered with a ceramic nonstick layer inside. You will enjoy soft-grip handles and appreciate lids of glass with steam vents. In the set there are various pots, pans and even a strainer. The producer promises that all items can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but you should be careful as to non-stick ceramic which wears out rather quickly in this case. That is why you’d better wash the pans form this set by hand. Even if a ceramic covering is durable, all the restrictions connected with non-sticks are of concern. Ensure that you provide proper care, using a little bit of oil every time you cook without water, hand-washing, using allowed cleaners, cooking over low or medium heat mostly. In this case the set will be in service even more than 3 years.

But usually this is the right time for replacement. But if PTFE non-sticks get damaged with the passing of time, ceramic non-sticks just loses it non-stick property. So, the pots do not become harmful – you can continue cooking but with difficulties or just use them for boiling. You can be sure that this moment happens with the ceramic vessels of any producer – just couple of years and you will have to look for another non-stick set. As to any other issues the cooking performance is perfect. The aluminum interior provides even heat distribution and fast heating of pots and pans together with the foods into them. And on the contrary when you turn the temperature down the vessels cool off quickly too. Due to enamel coating the set is easy to clean up. The handles are extremely comfortable to hold, even when the pan is just taken from the high heat. And by the way, you can use this set within induction oven.

15 piece cookware set

Tramontina 15-piece hard anodized cookware set is made of hard-anodized aluminum and covered inside with PTFE nonstick coating. The vessels are marketed with glass lids where you find steam vents. And of course there are stainless steel handles – so convenient to hold. You can use it for almost any purpose and it will be enough for a real crowd. If you have this set – you have everything in the kitchen to prepare almost any dish. Here are some pots, skillets, and saute pans of various sizes. The Teflon-esque non-stick layer is safe and reliable. It provides the easily taken out food. The traditional PTFE is even better compared to ceramic non-sticks surface. It is healthier as far as Teflon-style non-stick does not need any fat while you still should add some oil cooking on a ceramic frying pan.

And it is well known that the less fat you consume, the more weight you lose. The only thing should be taken into account. As any other vessels with non-stick coating, it should be replaced in a few years because this layer is not durable and not resistant to scratching. In order to make the lifetime longer, you are recommended to avoid applying utensils made of metal and leave the pans over the very high heat. In addition to the PTFE coating of high quality the anodized aluminum can be regarded as a great advantage. It provides perfect thermal conductivity. It takes a little time to get even distribution of the temperature. If you compare it to aluminum-core set, it will be the same. If you think which one to choose: ceramic or non-stick set, you should determine the priority. If durability is more important, opt for ceramic one.

In general all sets are carefully assembled and able to cover a lot of cooking needs. You can find the traditional styling and modern design which is able to correspond to even the demanding interior. The constructions are very strong ready to withstand intensive usage. The producer offers the lines which can be used both by amateurs and professional cooks providing the best level in performance. If the stainless steel is used, it is the premium one. Usually the details of sets are made in Brazil and a lot of them are assembled in USA for the American market.


As you understand reading the above descriptions, the material is very important option. When you compare various sets this feature should be taken into attention above all others. The producers use stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, and ceramic. Several metals can be combined to improve the options and provide with perfect efficiency. Moreover the particular coating is applied to make cooking easy and safe.

Variants Features
Stainless steel This is probably the most popular material being safe, light, easy to clean, and durable. The only thing about it is low heat conductivity which can be increased by adding of aluminum or copper to the bottom.
Aluminum The most valuable feature of this metal is the best ever heat conductivity. You will have the even warming of the foods and as a result more efficient cooking. Besides, you can count on a quick change of temperature meaning that your meal will not burn if you reduce the high heat behind time. But there is a very serious drawback connected with high reactivity of this metal in contact with acids and alkaline products. That is why you are recommended to escape cooking the foods of this kind in aluminum vessels or buy anodized aluminum, which is not reactive due to special technology applied. It is safe and can be easily cleaned up.
Copper This metal is in trend nowadays though it is usually not used by itself due to its high price and difficulty in maintenance. Besides, it is reactive with foods and can cause toxic impact being useful for the human health but in certain quantity. It is easy to exceed this level and do harm. So it is better if the copper vessels are covered with any other appropriate material inside.
Ceramic Offered by Tramontina is free of harsh chemicals being the best alternative to nonstick vessels. The material itself is not able to respond to heating very quickly that is why the producer develops a construction consisting of heavy-gauge aluminum covered with ceramic inside and outside. The interior coating is smooth and durable providing easy cooking without any danger and simple cleaning.
Cast iron Is heavy and efficient. It is the best solution for cooking over the high heat. The vessels made of it are usually appropriate for the stove and oven. Though, it takes them quite long to heat up, the foods are warmed evenly. The enameled cast iron looks elegant even when the dish is served in it at table. Every cookware set made of it is very durable and compatible with all heating surfaces.

Peculiarities of use

Usually Tramontina sets contain several sauce pans, a stock pot, fry pans of various sizes, and a saute pan. Some of them have steamer insert fitting for pans of several volume. If the interior is not-stick, you should follow the producer’s instructions like seasoning cookware before the first use, cook only over low or medium heat and do not apply metal utensils, preferring nylon, silicone, wood, or bamboo ones instead. If you want to elongate the service time of your pans and pots preserving the look and all the declared performances, follow the instructions.

When you buy the set you should prepare every item washing each of them by hand using soapy warm water and dry with a soft towel. Before putting the ceramic pan over the heat take some lightly rubbing oil and pour it onto the cooking surface. Place the vessel over the medium heat and warm it during a couple of minutes. Replace and let it cool. Again wash it by hand and with warm, soapy water. Dry with towel. The producer does not recommend applying nonstick aerosol cooking sprays because the residue appears, which is difficult to remove, as a result your foods will stick. Another peculiarity of both ceramic and tri-ply clad vessels is a demand to cook over low to medium heat only. Since the both constructions contain aluminum, they have good conductivity, that is why the high heat is not needed. If however you ignore this advice, the vessel can be damages soon. And anyway always remove a pan from the fire when it is empty. Almost all handles of the Tramontina pans are oven-safe, but they can get very hot (also when you put the pan onto the gas stove), that is why you are expected to wear protective mitts when touching them.

It is not good to change temperatures suddenly. For example you should not remove the pan from the heat and immerse it in cold water at once – such approach will lead to the damages. First, wait until the cookware get cool and only then you can start washing it. When it is time to clean up the cookware, mind that only allowed cleaning agents should be used. The ceramic cooking surface requires easy cleanup – use soapy water. If the vessels are too dirty, apply some mild detergent or very seldom soft scrub. Avoid coarse scouring pads and abrasive cleansers. Remember that approximately in three years the nonstick characteristics may decrease. As to a ceramic coating, you can restore the nonstick performance seasoning the surface again. If we speak about non-steak coating, you are expected to replace the set.


The experts say that the main competitor for Tramontina is All-Clad, which is really very good. The vessels of this brand made of heavy gauge stainless steel provide rapid and even heat distribution and plenty of other benefits, but there is one very serious thing that bars from preferring this trademark – and that is an extremely high cost. You can find the premium quality with characteristics as good as the products of All-Clad offers, but at much lower price – they are Tramontina. We are sure, if you arrange side-by-side tests, you will see no difference in performance. Perhaps the heat distribution will be better; it means that you can even forget about frequent stirring when cooking in All-Clad fry-pan, while Tramontina skillet requires more attention of the cook. At the same time as to searing the vessels of the both brands are perfect. Ok. The two brands are available vie Amazon. Just compare prices and design.

At the end we would like to say that every detail is of importance, when you choose the cookware set. You can be sure that Tramontina provides its consumers with high quality but all the other options are designed for various needs. Just decide what features are the most appropriate for your requirements and conditions. There are various options: material, handles, design, lids and others. Ensure that your cookware suits the oven you have and do mind the durability.

When all issues are regarded and the best solution is found, you can buy any of tramontina cookware sets here.

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