Baking Sheet Paper: All About It

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Baking is one of the cooking methods meaning that you use dry heat but not open flame to prepare your meal that is usually served without sauce or juice. You need oven to do it. Though it is mostly applied for bread, various cakes and pies, the meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables are also can be baked to get the tasty brown crust. However usually when people say they are bakers or that they like to bake they’re often talking about desserts or bread. Anyway you should have special pans and appliances to arrange this type of cooking. And baking paper sheets are the elements improving both the process and the result.

How to Bake Better?

The principle moment in baking is the most suitable oven temperature and the correct cooking time, which is usually specified in the recipe, but some factors impact on it and can be vital for a tasty result. You should take into account the property of bakeware, its size, weight, material it is made of. It is well known that aluminum and copper are the perfect heat conductors, while steel and silicone are heated longer and do not distribute the heat evenly. If the pan is heavy and has a thick bottom, you will need more time to cook your meal and vice versa. The oven should usually be preheated and this steps should not be refused and then you can be sure that the recipe cooking time will correspond to the actual one. By the way, the properties and construction of the oven also does matter as far as some models are not of high quality and don’t heat evenly. So, you should know the peculiarities of your kitchen equipment. And of course when you consider all the above still there are some things which improve or complicate the process. And the baking sheet paper is one of those secrets of the successful baking. You will be able to make the thick beautiful cookies with a crispy top if you can select the right baking sheet and cover it with a non-stick layer which serves your baking necessities.

Types of Baking Sheet Paper

Add the convenience to cooking and bake with a parchment paper! Or you would rather do it with baking paper? The parchment paper vs baking sheet: is there a difference between them? Actually there are several kinds of the paper used for lining the trays including those above, and you can add the waxed and butter paper. Regarding the names in all cases the paper is in the base, and it is greased in order to create heat or water resistant and non-stick material. It is highly hygienic and safe being non-reactive as to any foods.

This simple thing enables a lot of uses. You can apply it when prepare food or for rolling out, for instance. Usually the both sides are completely identical. As to the variants there are the particular properties:

  1. Baking paper is an equivalent to parchment paper or you can find the term “grease proof paper”. Some producers try to update it applying the innovative technologies which widen the properties of the traditional one, which is still the perfect thing for baking of most foods. It is usually allowed for the microwave. It guarantees that it does not stick to your sheet pans or any other dishes and forms. And you are not expected to take any oil or butter to cover it. All that facilitates cleaning a lot.
  2. When we speak about the waxed or wax paper, we mean that the base is really covered with wax and these sheets are not allowed to use in the oven as far as it causes smoke and can change the taste of the foods. While the baking paper is used in a much wider range of applications. This is a totally different product.
  3. Butter paper is designed for such purposes as packing the sandwiches. It does not have a non-stick coating and is not intended for baking. Though, you can cover a table or chopping board with it when cutting onion, fish or chili preventing the surface from penetration of the aggressive odor. It is good for packing the meal upon the road when you are going for picnic for example.

Thus, you understand the difference and could choose any variant you need for particular tasks.

Reasons for Using Parchment Paper

It is difficult to believe that you still do not have parchment paper at home. This thing is so necessary in any kitchen and this is quite natural to have it even if you do not bake so often. But still its best appliance is to line the baking trays. It is moisture- and grease-resistant meaning that it will not melt down or let oil to filter through the paper. It will not become saturated with juices or grease which are relieved by the food.

The experts and professional cooks say about parchment paper as about the unreplaceable thing in the kitchen because with its help you can:

  • facilitate cleaning-up. Just cut your parchment in accordance with the size of your baking pan and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Besides the pre-sized sheets are marketed so if you have the trays or pans of the standard sizes you can make it even easier. As far as the grease cannot penetrate through the paper, the pan will stay almost clean. When baking is over, you just remove the dirty parchment and threw it away.
  • provide non-sticking. Actually this is the key application of this paper. Forget about expensive non-stick pans and cooking with fat. Now your cakes and bars are healthy and slide off the sheet without any difficulty.
  • extend the service life of the baking sheets. As far as the paper prevents contact of the foods with the inner surface of the pans, you protect your bakeware from wear and tear. Without burning it will last longer.
  • transport the ready cookies or pie from tray to a plate without breaking them. The paper gets cool very quickly and you can take it with your bare hands lifting the baked foods and transport it to other place to rest before serving.
  • sift the dry ingredients making a funnel from the paper, thus you’ll manage to pour it exactly where it should be without loss.
  • do a lot of other things where the safe tensile material is needed. Do you cook butter rolls or decorate the cakes with powder or prefer refusing plate when serve snacks for the party? In all those cases as well as in plenty of others you are free to apply the parchment paper.

What Does It Consist of?

The parchment paper is a natural paper which is treated with a special agent during production process which provides the best stability and high heat resistance. After processing, the sheet is coated with silicone or other nonstick material that is the reason why the foods do not stick to this paper. Usually the manufacturers specify the temperatures which are safe to use. But in general it is somewhere between 4200 and 4500 Fahrenheit. You can use it in any ovens including microwave one but do not place it under a broiler where the air is heated higher compared with the mentioned performances. Otherwise the paper will get brown. It will hardly burn but the appearance and structure will be changed. You should remember that there is no reason to choose only one side for contact with foods because both of them are the same.

Nowadays the parchment paper is produced in accordance with a simple process. The sheets of paper are immersed in a bath of sulfuric acid or zinc chloride depending on brand in order to dissolve the upper layer and to gelatinize the paper. Thus we have it with high density and stability. It becomes heat resistant and not reactive providing the perfect non-stick properties. In general, it looks just like the traditional paper being more smooth and dark.


  • Economy. This material costs nothing we’d say and at that it can be used in wide varieties of tasks.  You can buy a lot of them as far as you can easily afford it due the reasonable price.
  • Safety. The paper is eco-friendly and safe for human health. It does not leak any chemicals to the foods, does not change the taste and color of the products.
  • Multiple use. When you bake the cakes or something like that in numerous batches, you do not need to change the sheet after every time the cookies are ready. Just take the cooked items out of the paper and use it again several times. When it gets brown a little bit, you should replace it.
  • Simple use. You can cut a sheet of the needed size if you buy a roll or you can find the pre-sized sheets. Anyway all that you are expected to do is to take some paper and cover a baking surface with it pressing it with your own hands. You should not grease it, but if you want there is no restrictions.
  • Versatility. As we have already mentioned, you can use it for performing various tasks in your kitchen.


  1. Reynolds Kitchens offers both a pack of cookie baking sheets parchment paper and the roll. The natural material with non-stick coating makes clean-up of the pans fast and easy and the pre-cut sheets perfectly suit standard pans. Folded sheets lay evenly in the package in order to prevent their curling when used. It can be used at the temperature up to 420° F.
  2. The brand Mrs. Anderson’s provides parchment paper of the professional quality designed to keep foods from sticking being produced of 100% natural paper. It is good for freezer and microwave and recommended for reheating. The heat in the oven should not exceed 400° F. The manufacturer says it is for a single use only.  It is recyclable and biodegradable.
  3. PaperChef suggests the parchment paper in roll which is oven safe to 425° F. You can be sure in its safety as far as the product is FSC certified, Kosher certified and biodegradable.
  4. Kirkland Signature is a producer of non-stick parchment paper used as a liner for baking. If you care produces 100% unbleached silicone parchment paper, which is Quilon and chrome free, you should regard this brand. It is completely non-toxic. Its quality is proved by FDA.
  5. Beyond Gourmet Parchment Paper is manufactured in Sweden. It is not widely distributed but if you manage to find it, you will be pleased with its quality.


Now we are sure that you will apply parchment paper for roasting, baking, and even reheating. Do not forget that it is a perfect material for wrapping. You can buy a roll or pre-cut sheets to fit pans of various sizes. In general, the format is really convenient whether it is marketed in rolls or pre-sized sheets. You should know that the material is unbleached, made of natural components without animal testing usually. It is allergen free and safe for human health and environment.

The parchment paper’s key function is to prevent the foods from sticking to baking pans. But it is very handy for plenty of other tasks in the kitchen. They do not impact on the even baking – that depends on the material the pan is made of. They always perform well inside the oven.

Making your decision when buying one, you are recommended to ensure that this paper will not tore under heavy pies when you transfer them to a plate. And you should choose the one which is not going to caught fire at the temperature of about 500° F. Though the heat of about 400° F is also enough. It is important to ask if the paper does not stick to the cookie dough. The most practical paper is that which should not be torn and trimmed – in general it does not require a lot of fuss. Also you can prefer pre-sized sheets because when the paper is flat, meaning you’ll manage to line it evenly for baking a variety of foods. But if you buy it to pack or roll out the portions of dough made for cookie or what else, prefer rolls. The most important requirement is that the baked foods should release quickly and without problems from the paper. You will certainly evaluate the performance of the baking paper.

Parchment paper is a vital utensil for the everyday cooking. We are speaking not only about baking but also about preparation and presentation. It is able to make every meal sophisticated including the simple dishes like the simplest eggs and the complicated multi-course dinner. If you apply the parchment paper, you will succeed. There are techniques which require this thing if you want to create the refined food with stunning flavor and richness. By the way, you can replace it with the silicon mats but the latter are more expensive and are known with their peculiarities.

You can find both of them as well as all the above described brands here at the best price ever.

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