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Why do the experts recommend stirring food with a wooden ladle while cooking? Haven’t you ever had this question on your mind? There are the perfect metal, plastic, silicon spoons. They have a long service life   and resistant to mechanical defects. So, why should we prefer wood? There is a reason for such choice or even some of them, which will be discussed in this article.

Spoon and Its Evolution

Since the dawn of civilization the spoon has proved to be the most needed tool in the kitchen or within other framework connected with cooking and serving. You can take almost any meal using it. Even if it is not so convenient compared to the dedicated utensils still it is the most cross functional one. It looks like a small oval bowl with a long handle easy to hold. There are about fifty kinds of spoons developed for various tasks. This tool is usually used to eat liquid or semi-liquid meal like soups or porridges, to serve it and to stir the meal when cooking it. Now there are even more functions. You surely have in your kitchen the dining, caviar, coffee, dessert, fruit, iced tea spoons. Among the cooking utensils you will reveal the caddy, slotted, mustard and plenty of other spoons.

The spoon is found in any country. The religious ones were used in 1000 years BC being made of ivory, flint and wood. Only Pharaohs and priests had the right to own and apply them. Of course, the old design differs from that we know today but still the fact remains. Later wealthy people used the spoons made of silver and wood. In England a spoon proved the wealth and power of an owner. Only in the 15-th century the metal was used. Consisting of the same components, a tool still had an unusual design and only by the end of the 18-th century they began to produce the spoons looking almost like the modern ones.

Ladle vs Spoon

Now we would like to make it clear what is the difference between two forms of this tool. Is a ladle considered as a large spoon? Indeed, the definition says that it is a deep-bowled spoon equipped with a long and mostly curved handle. It is used to serve soup or other liquid food. You cannot eat from it in any case, but it is convenient to fill a plate with meal using it as far as a ladle is able to scoop a larger amount of food. You can also stir with it.

What About Wood?

The wood is old-fashioned material for kitchen utensils. The best woods which can be applied for production of spoons are supposed to be fine grained with tiny pores so that the food does not penetrate into meal. The manufacturers choose cherry, walnut, pear, apple, Chinese tallow, olive, and many others. You hardly find a spoon made of oak or aspen. There are allergenic woods like cocobolo, which are ill-suited.

When we speak about pros and cons, we should mention some weak points first, because there are just a few of them and that does not take a lot of time. When you apply the same spoon for a long time in intensive mode stirring various meal, in the long run it soaks up flavors transferring them into the food. That is the right time to replace it. Moreover, the wood is not perfect as to its service life compared to metal. And by the way it can burn if contact with fire. Well, that’s all. The drawbacks are not severe at all taking into account an affordable price for the wooden spoons.

Advantages of Wooden Spoons

Despite of the above specified moments and some benefits which can be mentioned as to the metal and silicon kitchen utensils, the wood remains a very popular alternative and for some customers it is the best one when we speak about cooking and serving. And the reasons are as follows:

  • The wooden spoons are favored due to their versatility. You can use them with any pans including non-stick ones without being afraid to scratch the inner surface. They do not react when contact with acidic foods like metal ones. And if you want to continue the shelf life of your pots and pans, you should care of them and prevent damages. Wooden utensils are soft and do not ruin any surface providing happy cooking.
  • Strange as it seems to be but the wooden spoons are strong. The seamless construction bears intensive service without breaking. This moment is rather important – you can stir the meal thoroughly without fear to leave the part of it in a pan. You can also efficiently scrap the products from a bottom of a pan. They are comfortable to use.
  • Once again being non-reactive, a wooden ladle does not cause the changes in taste of the food. While  utilities made of stainless steel can leave a metallic taste.
  • You can hold a wooden ladle even if it has been taken out from the boiling soup because it does not conduct heat. While metal spoons usually become too hot to hold with bare hands and the plastic ones are able to melt. Of course, you should not put the wooden spoon just into the fire but even if it occurs it will not catch on fire immediately but can burn a little bit. So, do not be afraid and leave it in a pan placed over the heat for some time.
  • And what is important a wooden spoon does not influence on cooking temperature. Some of the materials can absorb heat, and that becomes a problem if the precise temperature is vital. The taste and consistency of the meal can be spoiled as a result.
  • It goes without saying that this material is completely safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Moreover, the germs do not live in wood as far as it has natural germ-killing ability. If you want to prove this, you can check FDA regulations and ensure that wood does not leach the meal.
  • Wooden ladles are ergonomic feeling right in the hand of a user and able to adapt itself to its owner in course of time. And it is beautiful, elegant, stylish, and full of traditions.
  • Here we should mention the environment. The wood is a natural material which is made of renewable resource.

How Should You Care?

Pay your attention that you are buying a spoon made of hard wood, refuse such timber as pine, for example, which is too soft for this purpose, because it soaks up a lot of juices from meal you cook or serve and at the same time it leaches some particular flavor into the food. After using your ladle, you are expected to wash it by hand with warm soapy water. Refuse dishwasher as far as the high temperature and chemicals can lead to cracking. Do not forget to dry a wooden spoon. Once per month it is recommended to rub a wooden ladle with food grade mineral oil in order to keep it from drying out.

Popular Brands

  1. EcoCheph. You can turn your attention to 4-piece set made of bamboo. The cooking spoons and spatula are completely natural and elegant made of smooth wood. They look authentically being well made and featured. The handles are sturdy and give a user a firm support. At that they are not heavy when you hold them in a hand. You can use it both with hot and cold meal they tolerate perfectly the rapid change of temperature. It is clear that they are ecofriendly without addition of artificial substances. You can be sure to that the tools re safe and good for your health. The perfect quality and convenient design are the most important properties. The producer does not require some special maintenance.
  2. The other popular producer is Eddington. This is an Italian brand with good reputation all over the world marketing the kitchen accessories of the highest quality and best functionality. Here you can regard a stunning spoon make of olive wood. This very spoon is 12-inch long and very popular with customers due to unique look of wood material providing particular elegance. You can use it for stirring or serving food. It has smooth surface almost without pores and that is a guarantee of easy cleaning. That is a reason for its long lasting and odor resistance. It is soft and does not damage the bottoms of pots and pans.
  3. Scanwood is a perfect brand producing utensils of olive wood. We suggest you to take into consideration the utensil set including a ladle, spoon, and spatula. It is developed for those who prefer healthy cooking without synthetic details and materials. The producer takes premium Italian olive wood to create these stylish pieces which are durable and cleaned easily. The set is enough for all the principle operations. You can stir, mix, taste and scrape with them.
  4. Now we are going to speak about two leaders of our rating. Utensi spoons with long handle made of beach wood are of high demand at the market for some reasons. Fitst of all it is extremely convenient and then it is very stylish. The producer takes the material only of the high quality and does not use any chemicals to process it as a result a user can count on a completely healthy tool with engraved designs which will remain during all the service period and will not fade because of usage. The 9-inch handles are comfortable and can be gripped firmly though they do not feel heavy. You can use it with the all kind of pans as far as it does not scratch the surfaces. And you can measure dry products with this spoon.
  5. And on the top of this list is a Vremi bamboo wooden ladle set. This is a perfect solution for those who want to get something multicolored in the kitchen but made of wood. The wooden spoon sets consisting of 5 items can be used for many tasks. Every piece is made of bamboo – the most reliable and toughest timber used utensils manufacture. It is characterized with antimicrobial properties preventing germs and bacteria to grow inside the spoons. In the set you will find a slotting, mixing, and serving spoon plus a convenient spatula. The handles are colorful and ergonomic. Being very light durable and safe these beautiful spoons are the best tools which you can afford.

All the variants and new offers with exact prices and possible discounts you can find here. Make your life easy and happy turning the cooking into an adventure.

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