3 Tips For Buying Certain Types Of Fresh Seafood

Seafood is not for all as some people can get allergies or mild rashes by consuming large to small amounts of seafood. It’s a meal that is high in protein and is considered an aphrodisiac especially oysters. You must consider buying seafood at least once a week for you and your loved ones.  Here are some factors to consider when buying seafood:

Pick out your own fish!
Get some help from a loved family member or your significant partner when you are trying to pick out some seafood. It can look challenging but it doesn’t mean you have to eat at the restaurants at Crown http://theatlantic.com.au/ to eat some fish. You can learn different ways of identifying fresh fish through fish mongers or even an experienced chef.  Do not buy old fish as it smells like cucumber. It has a strong smell and remember fish with fins have a firm elastic flesh that is stretchable by nature.  If any skin is exposed it should appear fresh with no brown markings or dry patches. Remember to cook your fish within two days and remember to store your fish away in a bowl in your freezer to avoid blood dripping on to other surfaces, you can even store it away in ice. Remember that cooked fish has a temperature of 34-32 degrees even up to three days!

Choose clams, mussels and shrimp wisely
Most people don’t understand mollusks well and that they should be sold alive. It is not difficult to tell if they are alive as the shells are closed. If the shells are relatively open you must gently tap on them to see if the mussels or clams close back. The smell of fresh mussels are sweet in scent.  Remember that fresh shrimp is great in texture too but remember to get someone to clean it for you. Supermarkets and fish markets will gladly do it for you!  You can store them in a dry bowl or pot in your refrigerator. Let your clams’ mussels and shrimp breathe and remember never to keep them in a plastic bag as they will turn rotten.

Oyster are aphrodisiacs
You must opt for fresh oysters in shells or without their shell covering. They are best when purchased alive and in shell, remember that they close when you press tightly on them. Live oysters are sold in bags or by the dozen so remember to buy a few if you aren’t ready to consume them quickly. They will remain alive for 7 to 10 days if you preserve them without ice in a 35 -45 degree refrigerator temperature. You do not have to dish out on hundreds of dollars for a yummy oyster meal at the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne in town, do research here or on YouTube and prepare your own oyster dish at home.

Remember to purchase seafood with care especially if you are a new aspiring cook, get your mother or an experienced family member to help you out with the cooking.